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Police are looking for attacker: Man attacked 25-year-old woman walker on Meßdorfer Feld

Police are looking for attacker : Man attacked 25-year-old woman walker on Meßdorfer Feld

An unknown perpetrator allegedly attacked a woman from behind on Meßdorfer Feld at around 7.30pm on Sunday. He let her go and disappeared after she screamed loudly.

Bonn investigators are once again looking into an attack on a woman walker on Meßdorfer Feld. Police said on Monday that an unknown man seized the 25-year-old pedestrian from behind at around 7.30pm and held onto her. The perpetrator then pulled the young woman, who was walking from the street Am Stadtkanal to Bonner Weg, onto the Meßdorfer Feld. He continued to attack her there. When the 25-year-old struggled and called loudly for help, the man let her go and fled, probably towards Meßdorf.

After the incident was reported at 8.40pm, the police immediately initiated a search for the man. This has so far been unsuccessful and officers are now asking residents for help. The suspect is described as between 30 and 40 years old, around 1.80 metres tall and slim with an athletic build. He has blond, closely shaven hair, blue eyes, a pointed nose, was clean-shaven and wearing a grey pullover, blue jeans and black trainers. Investigators are asking witnesses who saw a man who may meet this description on or around Meßdorfer Field between 7 and 8pm on Sunday to contact them on 0228 150.

In the past, assaults and attacks on women on Meßdorfer Feld have caused fear and uncertainty time and again. In November 2014, a woman jogger was attacked and hit to the ground by an unknown man. The perpetrator also fled in this case after the 26-year-old struggled and called for help.

There was a series of attacks on at least seven women joggers between August and October 2010. A mentally ill man followed the women on his bike and held them round the stomach. The 33-year-old was judged ill but not dangerous and only sentenced to a fine by the Bonn district court in 2011.

(Original text: ga.de. Translated by Kate Carey.)