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Member of jihadist militia arrested: Man from Bonn was staying with Syrian terror group

Member of jihadist militia arrested : Man from Bonn was staying with Syrian terror group

In Bonn, investigators have arrested a suspected former member of the jihadist Syrian militia Junud al-Sham. The militia is classified as a terrorist organisation.

The Federal Prosecutor's Office in Bonn has arrested a man who is said to have joined the terrorist group Junud al-Sham in Syria. The suspected Islamist was arrested in Bonn on Monday at his place of residence and is now in custody, the Karlsruhe authorities announced on Tuesday.

The accusations go back to the year 2013, when the man, who has German citizenship, is said to have travelled to Syria and sworn allegiance to the "Emir" of Junud al-Sham ("soldiers of Syria"). Investigators accuse him of having taken over guard duties and courier trips for the group after three months of weapons training. In addition, the man had co-produced two German-language propaganda videos as a spokesman.

According to the information, the accused returned to Germany in November 2013. The Federal Prosecutor's Office did not say why he was only arrested almost seven years later.