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Injured woman still in critical condition: Man in custody for attempted murder

Injured woman still in critical condition : Man in custody for attempted murder

After the brutal attack on a 33-year-old woman in Bonn-Holzlar, the woman is still in a life-threatening condition. Her ex-partner is now in custody on suspicion of attempted murder. It was not the first time that the 48-year-old became violent against her.

The 33-year-old woman, who was attacked by her ex-partner on Monday morning, is still in a critical condition and currently in a hospital in Bonn. As Attorney General Robin Faßbender also said on Tuesday, a magistrate issued an arrest warrant in the afternoon. The ex-boyfriend is under investigation for attempted murder. He had initially fled after the attack. About one hundred police officers from Bonn, the Rhein-Sieg district, and Cologne participated in the search operation. The man finally turned himself in at a police station on Monday noon. According to Faßbender, he remained silent during the previous attempts to interrogate him.

The Bonn police have formed a homicide squad to find out exactly what happened on Monday morning around 9 am in the district of Holzlar, which belongs to Beuel. The 48-year-old apparently ambushed his former partner according to the current state of affairs and, according to the General-Anzeiger, hit her with a car. This detail, however, was not confirmed by Faßbender, nor by hints that the suspect had hit the victim with a stone. However, with reference to the ongoing investigations, Faßbender spoke of a "violent impact with an object". The police announced in a press release: "According to initial findings, he first drove his car towards the 33-year-old woman when she left her house. Then, according to witnesses, he got out of the car and hit the woman."

The 48-year-old has no previous convictions to the knowledge of the public prosecutor's office. According to Faßbender, however, he had threatened his former partner with violence several times. In the autumn of last year, the police had been called to the house of the 33-year-old for domestic violence.

Faßbender confirmed that the police had subsequently issued a restraining order ban against him due to the recurrent aggression of the suspect. At an appointment before the local court in October, however, this ban was lifted by mutual agreement, police spokesman Frank Piontek said.

Police regularly inspected the residential building

Both had agreed on a so-called prohibition of access to certain areas. It applied until February without any further incidents and had therefore not been extended any further. According to Piontek, the police had also implemented "security measures at the house". Obviously, the officers estimated the danger that the ex-boyfriend would ignore the ban as so high that patrolmen regularly drove up to the Holzlar residential house to check on it. There had been police protective measures in front of the house until the end, police spokesman Robert Scholten explained.

Over the weekend the police also reported three more cases of domestic violence in the districts of Beuel, Hardtberg and Bad Godesberg. Such crimes seem to be increasing in the Bonn police district. In their area of responsibility, the authority is responsible for the municipalities on the left bank of the Rhine as well as Königswinter and Bad Honnef, the cases of the Bonn police increased by 95 in 2018 to a total of 965 cases.

According to police statistics, there were 870 cases a year. In 2014 the police counted 893 cases, 901 cases in 2015 and 916 cases in 2016.

According to Piontek, the police have the possibility in such cases to expel suspects from their homes and to prohibit their return for a maximum of ten days if there is a danger of further violence. Violations could be punished with a penalty payment. According to an amendment of the police law, aggressors could be taken into custody for up to ten days after judicial examination.

(Original text: Philipp Königs Translation: Mareike Graepel)