Accident on B42 near Bonn-Oberkassel Man killed after U-turn on the highway

Oberkassel · On the B42 there was a serious accident with a wrong-way driver on Wednesday afternoon. The person responsible, who is said to have made a U-turn on the highway, died on the spot. The road was closed until about 3.30 pm.

 There has been a serious accident on the federal highway 42. Dozens of emergency services were attending the scene.

There has been a serious accident on the federal highway 42. Dozens of emergency services were attending the scene.

Foto: Ralf Klodt

A fatal accident occurred on Wednesday on the federal highway 42. According to the Cologne police, a wrong-way driver in his VW Fox drove head-on into a VW Touran. The collision occurred around 12.30 pm shortly after the Oberkassel tunnel in the direction of Bonn - about 700 meters before the Bonn-Holtorf exit to the A562.

Rescue workers tried to revive the person who caused the accident, but he died at the scene. The 56 year old driver of the VW Touran was responsive, but suffered severe injuries in the accident. The Cologne rescue service was on site with a helicopter. The police were initially unable to provide any information on the age of the perpetrator.

According to police, witnesses reported that the wrong-way driver did not try to avoid the vehicles that approached him. Before the collision, he touched two other vehicles in the side mirror. The 29-year-old driver of one of the cars suffered minor injuries. Witnesses also observed that the person who caused the accident had made a U-turn before on the A59 and then drove back at high speed on the A59 and the B42 as a wrong-way driver.

The B42 was initially closed off, and the congested traffic was diverted in a single lane past the accident site. In order to assess the accident, the police officers had to close the lane again and again. The officers were on site with several patrol cars. By 3.30 pm, forensics at the scene of the accident were completed. Both vehicles were towed away. The VW Fox was confiscated by the police for further investigation.

The Königswinter volunteer fire brigade took care of fire protection. A total of 30 members of the Niederdollendorf, Altstadt, and Ittenbach units were deployed to the accident site. They also took over the clean-up work afterwards.

As Marc Neunkirchen, spokesperson for the Königswinter Fire Brigade, reported to the GA on site, there was an rubber-necker accident in the opposite lane beyond the actual accident. This resulted only in car damage. According to the emergency services, the rescue lane had been correctly formed.

Original text: Dennis Scherer and Anna Maria Beekes

Translation: Mareike Graepel

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