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Police release search photo: Man molests young woman in Bonn city center

Police release search photo : Man molests young woman in Bonn city center

Police have released a photo of a man accused of molesting a young woman at the ladies restroom in McDonalds on Poststraße in Bonn city center. They are hoping for tips from Bonn citizens.

Police are looking for a man who is said to have attacked and molested a young woman on August 19 in Bonn city center. The man allegedly followed the young woman into the ladies restroom at the McDonalds on Poststraße (corner of Maximilianstrasse). The incident occurred at around 7am.

When the woman wanted to leave the restroom, the man tried to hold her back, he kissed and touched her. The woman fended him off and he left her alone, and then he exited the fast food restaurant.

So far, investigators have not been able to find the suspect. They are asking for help from Bonn residents.

According to witnesses, the man is around 35 years old and between 1.7 and 1.8 meters tall. He has a normal build, dark hair, a three-day beard and noticeably yellow-brown teeth. He wore a gray-striped shirt.

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