Police ask for witnesses Man thought to have fired four shots in Bonn’s city centre

Bonn · Police in Bonn are investigating a possible shooting near the main train station and ask for help from the public.

It is still unclear what happened exactly during the night from Friday to Saturday at the bus station in Bonn’s city centre. As the police reported on Monday morning, an injured person on the bus stop D2 was reported to the mission control center at around 3.20am. A patrol car went to check this out but could not find an injured person.

A witness reported to have heard a bang from the Kaiserplatz direction. Shortly afterwards a man and a woman came walking quickly from the Kaiserplatz towards the main station, followed by a group of young men. The man suddenly appeared to be holding a gun-like object and shot at the men following him. They then turned and walked away.

The potential shooter was described by the witness as 40 to 50 years old with short, grey hair. He is said to have worn a grey-checkered shirt.

The police could find no traces at the Kaiserplatz or in the immediate surroundings of the bus station that could indicate that the described dispute happened. The search for the described persons was also unsuccessful.

If you have seen anything suspicious, or can make any statement about the incident, please contact the police at 0228/150.

Original text: GA
Translation: Mareike Graepel

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