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Voreifelbahn: Many trains on the S23 currently cancelled

Voreifelbahn : Many trains on the S23 currently cancelled

Passengers have to expect more cancellations on the Voreifelbahn until the new year. Deutsche Bahn cannot easily compensate for the cause of these cancellations.

"Disruptions in the operational process" or "operational disruptions". Travellers at the stations of the Voreifelbahn S23 have often read such messages on the passenger information displays in recent days. And they will probably read them more often in the coming days. Because things are not running smoothly on the Voreifelbahn at the moment. More and more trains are being cancelled.

Behind the "disruptions in the operational process" is a high level of sickness among the locomotive and traction unit drivers. This was explained by Dirk Pohlmann, press spokesman for Deutsche Bahn, in response to a question from the General-Anzeiger on Tuesday.

"We try to fill the shifts, but we don't always succeed," Pohlmann said. Reserve forces are fully deployed, he said, but a train driver cannot be deployed everywhere without further ado. "A driver has to be familiar with the routes," the railway spokesman explained.

According to the railway, the S23 is mainly affected by the cancellations, but there could also be problems on other lines. The railway's dispatchers try to deploy the available staff in such a way that train cancellations on the Voreifelbahn occur as far as possible in the margins of the day - i.e. very early in the morning and late in the evening, when fewer people are on the move, Pohlmann explained further.

According to him, the high sickness rate has nothing to do with the Corona pandemic. And the prognosis? Deutsche Bahn hopes that the situation will return to normal after the New Year, the railway spokesman said.

(Original text: Christoph Meurer; Translation: Mareike Graepel)