Concert on the Bundeskunsthalle roof Mariachi band opens GA Sommergarten

Bonn · The choreographer and guitarist Miguel Angel Zermeño and his band Alma de Mexico will open the GA Sommergarten event program on Sunday morning. The Mariachi concert promises to be good fun.

The image is well known from many Hollywood movies: Mexican musicians in black trousers and embroidered jackets play cheerful songs. What sounds like a cliché isn’t one. „The development of the modern Mariachi and the film industry of the 1930s to 1950s often went hand in hand“, explains Miguel Angel Zermeño.

Zermeño was born in the metropolitan region Guadalajara, where the Mariachi bands in their current form came into fashion. He was already interested in music and dance as a child. At 14 he received a scholarship for the „Casa de la Cultura de Celava“ - which wasn’t well received by his family and friends: „Mariachi is one thing, but contemporary dance isn’t considered masculine in a country which is still very machismo.“ But Zermeño chose his own path. He founded the „Las Fiestas“ event company in Bonn in 2005, and later the ensemble Alma de Mexico. Zermeño plays bass guitar and percussion.

The latter not only with his hands. „Mariachi wear cowboy boots usually with hard soles, because the style developed from the one of the rancheros who used to wear hardwearing clothing in the desert. The boots create a certain sound, similar to tap dance but stronger. That’s why the rhythm always comes from a certain move, like in a dance.“

The indigenous traditions of Mexican natives find their place in the music as well as in the Flamenco of Spanish immigrants. „Like everything in Mexico, Mariachi music is a mix of different factors“, says Zermeño. „It has the spice of old influences but also the glamour of the Mexican film era.“

The concert takes place on Sunday from 11.30am until 2.30pm. The admission is free. There is a lift for people with walking disabilities.

Other Sommergarten concerts include:

  • July 1: Marco Marchi and the Mojo Workers (Blues/Jazz)
  • July 15: Le Clou (Cajun)
  • July 29: Patricia Gomero (Latin)
  • August 12: Brass Neva Sankt Petersburg (Jazz)
  • August 26: Hop Stop Banda (Russian Folk)

(Original text: Thomas Kölsch / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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