Armed robbery in Bonn-Auerberg Masked perpetrators tie up supermarket employees

Bonn · Four masked men have robbed a supermarket in Bonn-Auerberg and threatened and tied up employees. Police are searching for the perpetrators and have appealed for information.

Four masked and armed perpetrators robbed a supermarket on Pariser Straße in Bonn-Auerberg on Saturday evening. Police said on Monday that three employees wanted to leave the shop through a side exit at around 10.30pm when they were attacked by several unidentified people in the entrance lobby to the car park.

The perpetrators pushed them back into the entrance lobby with one of the masked men threatening the staff with a gun and another tying up two of them up by the hands. The unidentified men pushed the staff into the office area and demanded they hand over money from the safe. After one of the staff handed over the money, the perpetrators fled and ran off across the car park towards Warschauer Straße and An der Rheindorfer Burg.

The police were notified and started a search but were unable to detain the perpetrators. The perpetrator carrying the weapon is said to be about 1.75 metres tall. According to descriptions, he had a thin build and was wearing grey jogging trousers and a grey pullover.

The second perpetrator is around 1.80 metres tall, has a powerful build and short brown hair. He was wearing dark “Nike Air Max” shoes, black “Nike Air” trousers and a black “Nike Air” pullover.

Both perpetrators spoke accent-free German and were wearing square cloths known as bandanas over their faces. The police do not yet have descriptions of the other two perpetrators, who were also masked.

The criminal police have started further investigations. Police are looking for witnesses and are asking those with information to call 0228/150.

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