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Construction work next year: Massive closures in rail traffic between Bonn and Cologne

Construction work next year : Massive closures in rail traffic between Bonn and Cologne

Train service between Cologne and Bonn is expected to be completely suspended several times in 2020. Due to construction work, passengers on several routes in the region as well as between Bonn and Euskirchen will have to expect disruptions.

In the coming year, commuters will have to adjust to massive disruptions in rail traffic between Cologne and Bonn. This is the conclusion of a detailed report by Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) to the committees of the Rhineland Regional Transport Association (NVR), which was made available to the GA.

From January 6 to May 1, there will only be alternating tracks in operation between Bonn and Sechtem at night from 11 p.m. with consequent delays. During the summer holidays, this section of the line will then be completely closed for three weeks. The second major construction site is located between Cologne Central Station and Hürth-Kalscheuren. In October, the renewal of the railway overpass on the Eifelwall caused trains to be cancelled and overcrowded and resulted in a lot of frustration.

European Train Control System to be installed

By 2022, the signaling technology from the 1950s is to be replaced here and the European train safety system installed. In addition, several overpasses and underpasses will be renewed. During the Easter holidays, closures are first planned between Cologne and Hürth-Kalscheuren with limited train traffic as a result.

The section will then be completely closed from October 12 to 24. Neither the trains that run on the left side of the Rhine nor the trains that run on the Eifel line will be stopping in Cologne during this period. The planners expect 5,000 people to be affected per hour during peak traffic hours. A "capacitively sustainable concept" for replacement traffic to the city center of Cologne will be a "challenge", the paper says.

May to July: only single-track traffic between Troisdorf and Königswinter

Train routes on the right side of the Rhine do not offer a good alternative either: from the beginning of May to July 18, only single-track traffic between Troisdorf and Königswinter with corresponding delays and additional full closures at weekends is planned due to the extension of the S13 line on the right side of the Rhine. From mid-June onwards, both the line from Cologne-Deutz to where it meets the route on the right side of the Rhine, and the Cologne-Frankfurt high-speed line will probably only be open to single-track traffic until the end of 2022. This is due to the construction of a new bridge.

The Voreifel line will also be affected. The originally planned total closure between Bonn and Euskirchen for a period of 19 weeks is off the table. However, the line will be interrupted during the Easter holidays and on several extended weekends in the Alfter-Witterschlick area. During the summer holidays there will be a three-week closure in the Rheinbach area.

(Orig. text: Martin Wein; Translation: ck)