Shopping centre in Bonn Opening of the Maximilian-Center delayed again

Bonn · The Maximilian-Center in Bonn has been closed since last June. The last word was that the centre and the shops would be able to reopen from mid-April. But nothing has come of it.

 The Maximilian-Center is closed. (Archive photo)

The Maximilian-Center is closed. (Archive photo)

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

The reopening of the Maximilian-Center at Bonn's main railway station has been postponed again. Alexander Süß, spokesman for the Bavarian Chamber of Supply, has announced that the earliest date will be 23 May. The passage had to close after water damage on 20 June 2021.

"A lot of repair work that had to be carried out at the same time and coordinated with each other was largely able to take place as planned, but there are delays in the work on the goods lifts, which unfortunately also postpones the reopening date," Süß informs us. "The required spare parts for the lifts could not be delivered by the contracted company as agreed. The lifts are indispensable for the delivery of goods and disposal."

Maximilian Centre: Work promised for early May

Work on the lifts has now been promised to the owner for the beginning of May. As soon as the first lift is working, all shops in the shopping arcade could also open. At the same time, the replacement of all fire and smoke protection doors in the arcade should be completed, "as well as the structural repair of the storage areas in the other basement levels and the general sanitary rooms in the second basement level, which is not accessible to the public," says Süß. Then the escape and rescue routes should also be available.

"However, the safety of the tenants located in the property, their employees and third parties is a basic prerequisite for the operation of the shopping arcade," it says. They are aware that the postponement of the opening date "once again presents our tenants with great challenges".

(Original text: Richard Bongartz, Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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