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Water damage from heavy rainfall: Maximilian Center in Bonn probably closed until September

Water damage from heavy rainfall : Maximilian Center in Bonn probably closed until September

Not only the power supply, but also the walls and ceilings in Bonn's Maximilian Center need to be renovated after two bouts of water damage. The renovations will probably take until September.

Damage to the Maximilian Center caused by heavy rainfall in both mid-June and mid-July has now been assessed in detail. "Inspections of structural components following the second round of water damage revealed considerable moisture penetration of the concrete base flooring in the affected areas of the arcade and the store areas on the underground level," says Alexander Süß, spokesman for the Bayrischen Versorgungskammer, which owns the building near Bonn's main train station. He added that the walls and ceiling of the second underground level also incurred water damage.

"Nevertheless, the contracted specialist company sees chances of being able to restore the floor surfaces and building components to a proper condition through further special drying procedures." For this purpose, holes for ventilation will have to be made in the flooring of the arcade, which is still closed. The same goes for some parts of the affected businesses. After that, the experts will use floor dryers to extract water from these areas, a process that will take several weeks.

Repairs to take several weeks

According to Süß, however, this should not delay the reopening. The largest and most expensive task is the replacement of the main power distribution system, which had been destroyed by the water. The repairs are expected to take until the end of August or the beginning of September - until then, the stores in the arcade cannot open. Meanwhile, Primark has already been open again for about a week, because the above-ground areas are technically largely self-sufficient, as there is a separate power supply on the roof of the building.

(Orig. text: Nicholas Ottersbach; Translation: ck)