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Below the beer garden "Schänzchen": Michelin Star Restaurant "Kaspars" in Bonn closes

Below the beer garden "Schänzchen" : Michelin Star Restaurant "Kaspars" in Bonn closes

The Michelin star restaurant "Kaspars" in Bonn will close at the end of the year. This was announced by the two operators Felix and Lukas Kaspar on their website. The reason for the closure of the restaurant is not due to the economic situation.

Bonn loses a star restaurant. The two brothers Felix and Lukas Kaspar close their restaurant "Kaspars" below the beer garden "Schänzchen" at the end of the year. The two announced this on their website. As a reason for the closure, both cite the lack of qualified workers. "The reason is as complicated as it is simple and is the conclusion of a quasi non-existent employee market in gastronomy.“

In 2015, the two took over the restaurant "Elbe am Rhein", which had become vacant after the insolvency of the restaurant "Elbe am Rhein" below the beer garden "Schänzchen", which is run by their parents Karin and Wolfgang. This was followed by a Michelin star for chef Felix Kaspar for his fine German-French cuisine. To this day, guests are full of praise for the food and the atmosphere at "Kaspars". "We have been working understaffed for the last year and despite great effort we could not bring about any improvement. In spite of economic success and great feedback from our guests, the happiness and joy of work disappeared more and more. A situation that has the highest priority for us and is superior to any economic success", the brothers write on the website.

After four years, the doors therefore close at the end of the year in "Kaspars". They did not disclose much about their plans for the future. Only this much: "We have enjoyed the time at Kaspars with you all very much and are looking forward to seeing you again in the future."

The "Kaspars" is not the only restaurant in the region that has to close at the end of the year due to lack of staff. Only on Friday Jo Nattermann announced to close his restaurant "Nattermann's Fine Dining" in Vettelschoß-Kalenborn at the end of the year. "From the beginning it was not easy to get qualified personnel here in the rural area", said the gastronomer. When he took over the restaurant including the guesthouse from his parents in 1990, he could count on eight employees. Today he has to get by with half of them. Three staff members are missing in the kitchen, one in the service department.

Original text: Sebastian Fink

Translation: Mareike Graepel