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Citizen warning: phishing attempts: Ministry of Finance warns of fraudulent emails

Citizen warning: phishing attempts : Ministry of Finance warns of fraudulent emails

Beware of fake emails in the name of the Federal Ministry of Finance - in these messages it is claimed that you’ll receive a tax return. Receivers of these mails should ignore them.

Fraudsters are sending out fake emails which are being circulated at the moment. The messages appear to be sent in the name of the Ministry of Finance and promise the recipient a tax return.

People who receive a mail like these are asked to click on a link in the mail which leads to a website where they are asked to update their bank details.

Those messages are so-called phishing mails in which fraudsters are trying to gain access to personal data.

The Ministry of Finance strongly advises to ignore these and similar emails.

Tax returns are generally not applied for by email. Recipients of fake emails are advised to delete those and to not click on the link or share any personal data.

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) also send out a warning in regard to the new fraud mails:

Original text: Andreas Dyck

Translation: Mareike Graepel