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After hike on the Rheinsteig: Missing hiker found dead near Leutesdorf

After hike on the Rheinsteig : Missing hiker found dead near Leutesdorf

After a hike on the Rheinsteig trail almost two weeks ago, a 59-year-old did not show up at an agreed meeting point. Now the man has been found dead, in a forest off the beaten track.

A 59-year-old hiker, who has been missing since July 24, was found dead on Sunday morning in a forest in the Leutesdorf district, off of a forest path. It was in a dense forest area between Oberhammerstein and Rockenfeld, far away from the original route. The Neuwied Police Headquarters believes that the intense heat of that day may have contributed to his death. The 59-year-old was found about 1.5 kilometers away from the Rheinsteig trail.

The hiker had been missing since July 24th. Together with his 63-year-old brother, he was hiking the Rheinsteig between Bad Hönningen and Leutesdorf. Because of the enormous heat on this day, the hike had become too strenuous for the 63-year-old, he told police. He went by bus to a hotel, where he planned to meet up with his brother later. However, the 59-year-old did not arrive there. The police searched for the man one day after his disappearance with helicopters and search parties as well as with the help of the fire department. A drone was also deployed in the search and a criminal investigation unit was brought in as well.

(Orig. text: Hansjürgen Melzer; Translation: ck)