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Vebowag is building in Bonn-Plittersdorf: Montessori kindergarten to be demolished

Vebowag is building in Bonn-Plittersdorf : Montessori kindergarten to be demolished

An excavator is currently demolishing the Montessori Kindergarten in the American settlement. This project was criticized for a long time because of the existing monument protection. Now Vebowag is rebuilding.

The former Montessori kindergarten did not offer much resistance. The building in the American settlement collapsed like a house of cards when an excavator began demolition work on Wednesday.

As reported, Vereinigte Bonner Wohnungsbau AG (Vebowag) has the listed building from the 1950s removed and replaced by a new one. The lower monument authority had agreed to this only because there is a high demandfor care places in the building area.

Kindergarten children will also be accommodated at the site in the future. They will be looked after in four groups - one for children under the age of three and three for children over the age of three. As Marc Dittmann, Technical Manager at Vebowag, explained in a previous meeting of the district council, the 912 square metre building will not have a cellar.

Greening the roof

The roof, with an area of 875 square metres, is to be "extensively greened and, if possible, without roof superstructures", said Dittmann. 1,500 square meters of playground and open space complete the picture. The fact that the project will be somewhat larger than planned in the development plan had been approved by the city - also with reference to the lack of care places.

The one-storey house will be 4.15 meters high throughout, the old building had heights of 3.30 to 4.78 meters, according to Dittmann. In addition to the group, alternative and ancillary rooms, there will also be a staff area, sanitary facilities, kitchen and a multi-purpose room for smaller events.

"The building will be solidly built, the wooden facade presented," said the technical director at the meeting. The windows will be coloured on the outside, "presumably in a green shade", it was said.

Integration of the two-tier fireplace

Elements of the Hicog settlement (Allied High Commission) Plittersdorf are to be included in the construction, including pergolas, explained Dittmann. The two-storey natural stone fireplace contained in the old building will be integrated into the kindergarten. This is a requirement of the Lower Monument Authority. "We actually wanted to remove it and build it up 1:1 elsewhere."

(Original text: Ayla Jacob, Translation: Mareike Graepel)