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Sleet showers after "Sabine": More changeable weather in Bonn and the region

Sleet showers after "Sabine" : More changeable weather in Bonn and the region

Heavy thunderstorms and sleet showers swept over Bonn and the region on Tuesday afternoon. Storm and heavy rain can be followed by frost and snow during the course of the week, especially in the mountains. During the day it usually rains in Bonn and the region.

In Bonn and the region, February started with squalls, which culminated in the depression "Sabine". The German Weather Service (DWD) meanwhile warned on Tuesday of strong thunderstorms in Bonn and the region.

After another night of sometimes violent gusts, the storm in North Rhine-Westphalia subsided slowly. There were consequences in Bonn and the region: The L268 between Heisterbacherrott and Kloster Heisterbach was temporarily closed. The closure was lifted again early Tuesday afternoon.

All previously closed roads will be opened again on Tuesday, the city of Bonn announced. Among them the L144 (Schmelztalstraße) between Bad Honnef and Aegidienberg. The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia declared upon request that the road will probably be reopened to traffic on Tuesday at 4 pm. Until then employees are still on site to remove fallen trees and fallen branches.

The municipal cemeteries, which were closed on Monday for security reasons, are to be reopened during the course of Wednesday - albeit with restrictions in some areas of the cemeteries. The city administration also appeals to avoid the forest and green areas for the time being.

According to the German Meteorological Service (DWD), there are showers in the mountains above 200 to 400 metres during the night on Wednesday, which then mostly fall as snow. The wind will gradually die down. During the day, Wednesday is more likely to be dry with a 20 percent probability of rain. According to the DWD, temperatures are between three and nine degrees.

Thursday will be rainy. Here meteorologists expect a precipitation of 90 percent with up to seven degrees. Less rainy, but cloudy, Friday is expected to have around five to ten degrees.

(Original text: GA Bonn)