Tracks between Sechtem and Brühl More construction work than expected

Bonn · The current construction works on the tracks between the train stations in Sechtem and Brühl, which lead to severe restrictions for Bonn’s commuters, are only the preliminary work.

Deutsche Bahn has planned to schedule lengthy construction measures on overhead wires for January through to April next year - despite having said that the current construction work - planned to be finished by May 22 - would also affect the overhead wires. This was only announced after an enquiry by the General-Anzeiger, the connection between the two separate construction schedules was not clear until now.

A spokeswoman from Düsseldorf explained that the responsible DB Regio office in Frankfurt had announced „overhead wire construction“ for this period, but she added: „We should have enquired more explicitly.“ She emphasized that there won’t be continuous severe restrictions, because many measures were scheduled to be carried out only at night time. „But it won’t be entirely avoidable to have only one track available for one or two weeks now and then.“ The exact operation schedule is not yet certain, she said. The workers will have to renew the foundation as well as the overhead wires.

This weekend Deutsche Bahn (DB) is laying cable packets in preparation and needs to cross the tracks from left to right. Thus, no trains can run on the tracks on the left side of the Rhine between Bonn and Brühl until Monday morning, 4 am. There is an additional bus system in place, connecting all train stops via road. Timetables are available on, or via the mobile app DB Navigator. Mittelrheinbahn and National Express also publish the timetables on their respective websites.

From Monday onwards until May 22, the trains will run on a restricted schedule, only once an hour. This led to severe problems in the past week, as the General-Anzeiger reported, causing large crowds at all train stations. An expert on panic situations at public gatherings has rated the situation as life threatening. Many GA readers agree, according to an online poll with more than 1000 people taking part, 90 per cent think the situation is dangerous.

The spokesperson commented: „We are looking for an opportunity to open the long-distance trains.“ Due to the utilised capacity of the trains and logistical processes at the main station, that is not always feasible. The head of the local traffic association Rheinland (NVR), Bernd Kolvenbach, and the SPD demand to open all the long distance connections.

If you are choosing road over rail this weekend, do keep in mind that there are adverse effects on the A555 between Bonn and Cologne, due to surface repair work between Wesseling and the Kreuz Bonn-Nord towards Bonn. The works are ongoing until Monday morning, 6 am. The ontake in Bornheim is closed, a diversion is signposted.

(text: Philipp Königs; translation: Mareike Graepel)

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