Coronavirus More deaths in Bonn and the region

Bonn · Two more deaths have occurred in Bonn and the region due to coronavirus infections, including the resident of a senior citizens' home in Bonn. Two employees in the home have also become infected.

Photo: Oliver Berg/dpa

Photo: Oliver Berg/dpa

Foto: dpa/Oliver Berg

On Thursday afternoon, the city of Bonn reported the second case of a Bonn resident who died in a hospital in the Rhein-Sieg district after confirmed infection with coronavirus. The man, who was born in 1935, had severe pre-existing medical conditions, according to city spokeswoman Monika Hörig. Last week, a woman from Bonn also died following coronavirus infection. The woman was born in 1936 and had rejected intensive medical care treatment.

On Wednesday, a man from the Rhein-Sieg district also died. He was born in 1926 and had also been infected with coronavirus, had severe pre-existing medical conditions and was resident at the Josefshöhe retirement home at the time of his death. In addition, two employees at the home tested positive for coronavirus. Both the employees and the deceased resident had previously shown symptoms of illness, but had had no contact with a resident who had previously tested positive. On Tuesday, the employees and the residents of the facility were tested for the virus on site. The employees who were not on duty also received an appointment for a swab test at the Bonn diagnostics centre.

As of 4 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, the total number of people in Bonn who have been infected with the coronavirus stands at 316; 78 people have recovered, two have died, and 236 remain ill. In addition, 708 people are in quarantine. According to the city of Bonn, 42 people from Bonn, the surrounding area and abroad are currently receiving treatment in hospitals in Bonn, 15 of whom are in intensive care.

There are still no further reports of cases following the confirmed coronavirus case of a nurse of the Haus Rosental senior citizens' centre living in Bonn and the case of an infected nurse at the DRK-Haus Steinbach living in Cologne. The health authorities have identified the direct contact persons at both old peoples’ homes and have carried out swab tests on all of them; other staff and residents have also been offered this service.

All these test results were negative, revealing no further infections among the staff or residents so far. According to Susanne Engels, deputy chief of health, some test results are still pending. She also announced that a kitchen worker at the Ernst Stoltenhoff House Protestant Centre for the Elderly has now also become infected with the virus, but according to information from the health department, this person had no contact with the residents. All kitchen workers and employees in the administration are now being tested, but the results are not yet available.

On Thursday, the city of Bonn could not provide current figures on violations of the ban on contact or other rules of conduct in the coronavirus crisis. All law-enforcement agencies were fully occupied with the evacuation of residents and patients in Dottendorf and on the Venusberg, due to the diffusing of the bomb found there.

(Original text; Lisa Inhoffen und Andreas Dyck, translation John Chandler)

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