Job fair in Sankt Augustin More self-confidence for women in the professional world

Sankt Augustin · The Jobcenter Rhein-Sieg is organising a job fair on Thursday, 16 May. This is aimed specifically at women who receive citizen's allowance. Anja Roth reveals how she wants to encourage working women.

 Anja Roth, Managing Director of the Rhein-Sieg Job Centre, is planning a job fair for women.

Anja Roth, Managing Director of the Rhein-Sieg Job Centre, is planning a job fair for women.

Foto: Claudia Mahnke

Many women do not recognise their strengths in the professional world - or tend to underestimate their abilities. This has been Anja Roth's experience as Managing Director of the Rhein-Sieg Job Centre. "Being valued, recognising and expressing your strengths and thus being more self-confident about yourself is important to us, especially for women," she says. To boost this self-confidence, the job centre is offering a job fair especially for women on 16 May.

Anyone interested can come to the job centre's headquarters in Sankt Augustin from 9 am to 1 pm: "The women will find out about career opportunities, including in new directions that they may not have considered before," says Roth, explaining the plan. Workshops, presentations and themed tables will help them prepare for the labour market. "Contacts with the employers present also make direct entry possible," says the Managing Director, summarising what the "Women in Focus" trade fair has to offer. Women are still disadvantaged in the professional world.

Women are still underrepresented in management positions

This is shown, for example, by statistics from the Federal Employment Agency: the employment rate refers to the proportion of women between the age of 15 and retirement age who are employed and subject to social security contributions. According to a recent study, this rate of 58.7 per cent is still significantly lower than that of men, which is 65.8 per cent. According to the Federal Employment Agency, women are also still significantly underrepresented at management level in private companies. According to statistics from 2022, the percentage of women in management positions is between 22 and 29 per cent, depending on the size of the company.

Anja Roth emphasises: "Single parents, part-time employment, mini-jobs - these are all highly female issues." Even though there is a wide range of services for women and families in the Rhein-Sieg district that support the compatibility of family and career, care work in families is still largely the responsibility of women. "They want to work if they know their children are well looked after," says Roth. "Therefore, it is and remains a prerequisite that reliable childcare is guaranteed."

Tips for building a network

The trade fair in Sankt Augustin will provide visitors with important help for their careers in three workshops: the organisers will present online tools to help them keep track of their day-to-day digital work, give tips on applying for jobs and provide advice on questions relating to the inclusive labour market. At 9.30 a.m., the Bonn Association for Nursing and Healthcare Professions invites you to a lecture on ways into the nursing profession. Afterwards, at 10.45 a.m., visitors will learn in a presentation how they can make important contacts in the world of work and use them strategically for themselves.

A third presentation, which begins at 12 noon, will introduce the possibility of catching up or refreshing a vocational qualification. Visitors are also invited to talk to the organisers, employers, network partners and speakers in attendance and perhaps make their first contacts for their future career.

Focus on women

Market of opportunities

The job fair takes place at the Job Centre headquarters, Rathausallee 10, Sankt Augustin. It is aimed at all employable women, with or without children, who are in receipt of benefits under SGB II or SGB III and who live in the Rhein-Sieg district and Bonn. In particular, it is aimed at women who are starting training or retraining in 2024 or who would like to reorient themselves professionally. gso

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