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Hotel evacuated: Motel One in Bonn said to have been set on fire

Hotel evacuated : Motel One in Bonn said to have been set on fire

The Bonn fire brigade had to attend a fire at the hotel Motel One Bonn-Beethoven in the early hours of Monday. A cellar room was in flames. The building was evacuated.

The fire brigade was called to a fire in Motel One in Bonn city centre at around 1am early on Monday morning. A fire alarm system had triggered the alarm. In a cellar room facing Am Gymnicher Straße, rubbish containers with cardboard boxes and empty crates were in flames. The cause is still unknown.

The rising smoke went out through an open window above and triggered another fire alarm system. An evacuation alarm requested guests and hotel staff to leave the building during the fire-fighting work in the cellar. According to the fire brigade, the staff acted in an exemplary manner and assembled all the guests in the entrance area without any problems. No one was injured.

After the fire in the cellar was extinguished, fire fighters checked the rest of the building using breathing equipment. “The fire protection doors in the cellar were open when we arrived,” explained Thomas Adenauer, head of operations. The police therefore suspect arson and have started further investigations.

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