Police warning and investigation Motorist tries to pick up students in Königswinter

OBERDOLLENDORF · The driver of a car apparently approached a student in Oberdollendorf, offering to give him a ride to school. It was already the second incident of this kind this week.

After an unidentified motorist apparently approached several students in Oberdollendorf, offering them a ride, police are investigating. The press office of the police said a student had been approached at a bus stop at Heiserbacher Strasse near the house address 59 on Wednesday morning by an unknown driver.

According to the information, the male driver spoke to the 15-year-old at around 8:30 am, offering to take him to school in Oberpleis. When the student did not accept the offer, the man drove away. He was in a silver-colored car.

A similar incident already occurred on Monday morning and had been reported to police. At around 6:50 am, there were several students between the ages of 12 and 15 who were waiting at the same stop. They were approached by a man offering to drive them to school in Oberpleis, they rejected his offer and he drove away.

Car had a SU license plate

The driver is described as a middle-aged man. He was likely wearing a flat cap, also known as a cabbie cap or derby hat. His vehicle was silver-colored, with a Siegburg license plate (SU).

Criminal unit 12 has taken over further investigation of the incidents described. Possible witnesses who can provide information on the circumstances, the vehicle, the driver or any other situations in which persons were approached are requested to contact police at (0228) 1 50.

Orig. text: Katrin Janßen. Translation: ck

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