A565 to be closed off completely Motorists can expect major traffic disruptions in Bonn

Bonn · Autobahn GmbH will be closing the A565 at Endenicher Ei beginning on Friday, February 23. At the same time, the B56 will not be accessible in this area. As a result, the city of Bonn is preparing for major traffic disruptions and congestion.

 The Endenicher Ei will become a major construction site.

The Endenicher Ei will become a major construction site.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

Due to demolition work on the southern half of the bridge at Endenicher Ei, the A 565 between the Poppelsdorf junction and the Bonn-Nord junction will be fully closed as of February 23, 8 pm until March 4, 5 am. At the same time, Autobahn GmbH will be closing the B 56 in the area around Endenicher Ei until 3 p.m. on February 27 for work on the supply lines.

The city of Bonn is expecting "significantly more traffic" on inner-city roads, especially in the west of Bonn, due to the closing of those two roads. The city administration is appealing to people in Bonn and the region "if at all possible, not to drive, but to use bicycles or switch to buses and trains”.

The city recommends that commuters use public transport, work from home if possible or form car pools. If you do have to travel by car, you should do so outside of rush hour times if possible.

A565 and B56 will be closed at the same time

Autobahn GmbH's detour plan is to divert traffic coming from the south in the direction of Cologne and Bornheim from the Meckenheim junction via the A61 and A553 to the A555. The signposted detour will take traffic coming from the south on the A565 from the Bonn-Hardtberg junction via the Konrad-Adenauer-Damm (L113), the district road K12 and the state road 138n to the Bornheim junction of the A555 and in the opposite direction for traffic coming from the north from Cologne via the A555.

For inner-city traffic, the city will set up a detour between Endenich (from Hermann-Wandersleb-Ring) and Weststadt/Innenstadt (from Endenicher Strassse): The detour will run in both directions via the streets Auf dem Hügel, Am Propsthof, Gerhard-Domagk-Strasse, Immenburgstrasse and Karlstrasse. This is because the B 56 will be closed in the direction of the city center from the junction Auf dem Hügel/Frongasse and in the opposite direction from Verdistrasse, with the detour starting at Karlstrasse.

Buses will bypass the closure at Endenicher Ei

To improve traffic flow, the City of Bonn's civil engineering department wants to extend the traffic light green phase at the Hermann-Wanderlseb-Ring junction for those turning left onto Auf dem Hügel. Because the detour route only has a limited capacity, one has to expect traffic disruptions and longer travel times. The city administration expects that there will be a significant increase in traffic, especially in Endenich. Public buses will bypass the closure at Endenicher Ei.

Since the start of the construction work, the walkway and cycle path running south along Endenicher Eis has been closed. The detour route for pedestrians and cyclists means a much longer route and because of that, the city council had looked for an alternative. For safety reasons, however, the existing detour route has to be retained, according to the administration.

(Original text: buj, ga / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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