Repairs work on tunnels on B42 Motorists must be prepared for further traffic jams in the Siebengebirge region

Siebengebirge · Traffic on the B 42 between Bad Honnef and Bonn could get tight again: From Tuesday, commuter route between the Siebengebirge and Bonn will alternately be single-lane.

 During the tunnel renovation on the B 42, traffic jams are a regular occurrence, as here in autumn.

During the tunnel renovation on the B 42, traffic jams are a regular occurrence, as here in autumn.

Foto: Meike Böschemeyer

Starting on Tuesday this week, motorists can expect more traffic jams on the B 42 between the Siebengebirge and the city of Bonn. According to the North Rhine-Westphalia State Roads Authority, that’s the day the second construction phase of the series of tunnels will start. For drivers, the commute to and from work is likely to be a test of patience, as it was in autumn.

Only one lane in each direction alternately

From Tuesday, the traffic will be re-routed for the second of a total of ten series of roadworks. The tunnels, which were built between 1981 and 1984, are being thoroughly renovated. New safety technology, repairing concrete, new drainage systems and new lanes are just some of the items on the work list.

Planning had already begun in 2012, and preparations then started in autumn. The state road agency has estimated there will be a total construction period of two years for the large-scale project, with costs estimated at around 50 million euros.

Originally, the first construction phase was to be completed by the end of October. However, delivery bottlenecks and unforeseen changes in planning have already caused delays. Among other things, workers on site discovered that pipes did not run exactly where the plan showed them to be, the state agency reports.

Current restrictions

In order to make progress with the actual refurbishment work, the traffic will have to be re-directed again and again. The reconstruction of the current traffic lanes is expected to last until Monday, 13 December. Those travelling on the B 42 must therefore expect traffic obstructions, the state-owned company warns.

The work will begin on Tuesday in the direction of Cologne. The road will be narrowed to one lane between the Königswinter junction and the Oberdollendorf tunnel. Afterwards, two lanes will be available again until the Bonn-Holtorf exit. Following this section, motorists travelling in the direction of Bad Honnef and Linz will also temporarily be able to use only one lane between the Dollendorf junction and the Oberkassel tunnel.

Since the weather could have an impact on the work, it may cause progress to be held up, according to the state agency. The traffic routing is expected to remain in place until mid-February. The reconstruction is necessary to continue the work on crash barriers and the foundations for traffic signs. In addition, the median crossing in front of the Oberdollendorf tunnel will be completed and some concrete parts will be repaired.

Originalartikel: Claudia Sülzen

Translation: Jean Lennox

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