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Essen-based company is building in the north city: Mr. Wash to open in Bonn in March

Essen-based company is building in the north city : Mr. Wash to open in Bonn in March

The Essen-based company will not open its car wash in Bonn until March. Originally it was supposed to be ready in December. In addition to logistical problems, the corona virus also thwarted the company's plans.

It should was supposed to be ready for opening in December. The Essen-based company Mr. Wash wanted to clean up to 3000 cars a day in the new car wash in Dransdorf. The roof has recently been put on the building, but it will still not be finished until March next year. "Contamination in the excavation pit cost us a few weeks," says site manager Detlef Bertram. "Corona didn't make things any easier for us either." In addition, a specialist company that is involved was needed at short notice at another location of the Essen-based company.

The size of the site on which the plant is being built also caused logistical problems during construction. "We didn't have any storage space for materials or space for vehicles," says Bertram. "Even our employees, at times around 90 people, could not park their cars anywhere.“

The property at the corner of Bornheimer Strasse/Brühler Strasse is 5800 square metres in size. For many years the area lay fallow and was used as a parking and storage area. The company is investing a two-digit million sum in the construction. "This is our 35th car wash in Germany," Bertram had said in January this year. However, the area not far from the fire station and distribution centre is actually too small for a car wash of the kind the Essen-based company usually builds. Therefore, in this case, it has now been stacked up high, so to speak, and the new building will have three storeys.

The basement is vacuumed

On the lowest level, in the basement, where customers have the possibility to clean their vehicles themselves with vacuums and water. On the ground floor there is the car wash. There the cars can be cleaned on two parallel running conveyor belts. On the upper floor, Mr. Wash's employees valet the vehicles: cleaning them on the inside, polishing them and reconditioning them. The entrance is on Bornheimer Strasse, the exit on Brühler Strasse.

Location at the large car dealerships

"We have been looking for a suitable plot of land in Bonn for a very long time, the city is an interesting market for us," said Richard Enning, member of the Board of Management, when work on the project began in spring 2019. Bonn is one of the most expensive and at the same time largest locations for the Essen-based company. "The location is good because we are positioned directly on the car mile here." The large car dealerships of Porsche, Toyota, Volkswagen and Audi can be seen from the site. Mercedes and BMW are only a few hundred metres away. According to Enning, in the future about 60 employees are to be employed at the site. Mr. Wash also operates one of the largest car wash facilities in the world. The Stuttgart plant employs 100 people and can clean up to 4000 cars per day.

Now that the shell of the building has been completed, further work is due. The next step, according to site manager Bertram, will be to install the technology, including the washing facilities, but also heating and ventilation. The first cars could then be washed and polished there in six months.