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Largest German nature photo competition: Museum Koenig shows winning photos

Largest German nature photo competition : Museum Koenig shows winning photos

The Museum Koenig is showing the most beautiful photos from the “2019 Highlights” photo competition. The photographers came remarkably close to the animals.

The large female bear appears to be creeping up slowly. She has her head tilted, her mouth half open, her ears are pricked and she has her eyes fixed on the great tit sitting only a few metres away on a rock. For the little bird, this is certainly a threatening situation, but it is looking somewhat disinterestedly into the distance. Austrian Michaela Walch has succeeded in taking a captivating shot. She has called the picture “David and Goliath” and with it has won the nature photography competition “Highlights 2019”.

The Innsbruck native has a particular penchant for photographing large predators. The photo “David and Goliath” was taken in Slovenia. Walch hid for nearly five hours in a camouflage hut and watched the bear. During her observation of the bear, she noticed the great tit, which was constantly flying round the bear’s ears. For a fraction of a second, the bird settled on a rock close to the bear, Walch pressed the shutter and captured this special moment in a photo.

The Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig is showing this and the other 91 winning photos from the international and largest German nature photo competition “Highlights 2019” in a large exhibition until 5 January. Photographers from 40 countries took part in the 21st edition of the competition with 18,633 entries. Nine per cent of participants came from China. Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze has assumed its patronage. The sponsors, who mostly come from the photographic industry, had donated prizes worth more than 31,000 Euros.

Exhibition to tour Germany

The judges took four days to evaluate all the pictures submitted. The “Highlights Youth Nature Photographer 2019” is 17-year-old Riccardo Marchegiani with his photo “Family”. The young Italian photographed a group of Borneo orangutans during a boat trip in the rainforest in Indonesia. The picture shows an orangutan mother with her young on her shoulder coming to the water to drink.

The “Highlights 2019” will also tour as an exhibition for two years through Germany and Italy and will be shown in museums, nature parks, national parks and galleries.

A book, “Glanzlichter” has been published on the exhibition. It is available for 20 euros at the museum ticket office. The exhibition can be seen at Adenauerallee 160 until 5 January.

(Original text: Maximilian Mühlens. Translation: kc)