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Search for sender: Mysterious message in a bottle found in the Rhine near Bonn

Search for sender : Mysterious message in a bottle found in the Rhine near Bonn

A message in a bottle found in Bonn leaves many questions unanswered. There is no sender and the content in the form of a map seems to be the way to a mysterious place. Who can help?

A mysterious message in a bottle was found near the North Bridge on Sunday morning. Between a large amount of driftwood, a green bottle, presumably formerly filled with sparkling wine, was floating in the Rhine in the bank area on the Beuel side.

Franziska, the young finder, eagerly brought the object home and at first glance could see two rolled-up notes inside. Both were secured by a string.

On the kitchen table at home, the contents were examined and unrolled. On one of the slips of paper a labyrinth is shown, provided with the lettering „Laburind" (sic), which probably suggests the rather young age of the senders. But where should the labyrinth lead to? To a mysterious place? There is no hint or even a concrete name of the unknown place. The question of the origin also remains unanswered. There is no address of the sender, only a greeting to the finder on a second note.

One of the two senders seems to be named Alma. The writer does not give his or her own name. "Alma ut ich wünchen fil Schbas" is to be read, the spelling of the sentence „Alma and I hope you have fun“ indicating young children’s writing manner. This presumably refers to the search for the solution to the puzzling card.

Whoever can give clues to the bottle's origin or the senders, should please contact us at online@ga.de. Perhaps in such a way the many question marks around this message from the cold Rhine water can be clarified.

Original text: (ga)

Translation: Mareike Graepel