Incident at Bonn police headquarters Nationwide minute of silence for dead policeman

BONN · Police officers throughout Germany will hold a short remembrance on Friday at noon to commemorate the 23-year-old man from Bonn who was killed by a gunshot from a colleague’s service weapon.

A nationwide minute of silence will take place on Friday 21 December to honour the 23-year-old policeman who was shot in the neck by a 22-year-old colleague in the Bonn police headquarters and who died from his serious wounds. At noon, patrol cars that are not involved an operation are to pull over onto the right side of the road with their blue lights flashing. The officers may get out and pause for a minute and salute next to their vehicle.

Citizens are also invited to halt on the right with their hazard warning lights on, to get out and to salute next to their car – provided the traffic conditions allow and there is no danger to anyone. If possible, a high visibility vest should be worn. The minute’s silence was initiated by the police memorial page on the Facebook social media network.

The funeral service for the police officer will also be held at noon in the parish church of Saint Mary Magdalene in Endenich, after which the burial will take place.

(Original text: Ayla Jacob. Translation: kc)

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