Corona in Rhineland-Palatinate Neuwied district is now a risk area

District Neuwied · The district's crisis management team reports 24 new corona infections on Tuesday and a seven-day incidence of 52.9. The public health department is working flat out to find contact persons. Holidaymakers should visit their family doctors for tests.

 The fever outpatient clinic in Neuwied.

The fever outpatient clinic in Neuwied.

Foto: Kreis Neuwied

The district of Neuwied reached the warning level "red" on Tuesday: As the crisis management team announced in the evening, the seven-day incidence value is 52.9 and thus above the critical mark of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days. This means that the district is now considered a risk area. According to the crisis management team, the new cases are individual cases and distributed throughout the district. The team from the public health department is working flat out to find contact persons in order to interrupt the chain of infection. The task force will promptly re-evaluate the situation and discuss possible measures.

The incidence value per 100,000 inhabitants is calculated from the sum of the new positive cases of the past seven days. As of Tuesday afternoon, this is 98 cases in the district with a population of 185 154 persons. The country's warning and action plan provides for initial measures when the figure reaches 35. These were introduced in the district of Neuwied ten days ago when the warning level "orange" was reached. Since then, among other things, events in enclosed spaces are only permitted with up to 100 persons, subject to compliance with the general protection measures. Private celebrations are permitted with up to 50 persons. In addition, it is recommended to limit celebrations and meetings in a domestic environment to a maximum of 25 people.

Fever outpatient clinic only available to contact persons

Further restrictions are possible if the incidence value of 50 is exceeded for five consecutive days. In principle, the remaining rules will stay in place until the incidence value for the district is below 30 cases per 100,000 inhabitants for at least three consecutive days. The lifting of the general ruling will be announced by the district administration of Neuwied.

Almost 1500 people were tested in the fever outpatient clinic in Neuwied in October. Hallerbach points out that only contact persons identified by the health authorities are tested there. "Holidaymakers who need a test as a precaution but also people with symptoms must consult their family doctor.“

The cases are distributed as follows: Stadt Neuwied 226 (+11); VG Asbach 75 (+3); VG Linz 57 (+1) and VG Unkel 59 (+1).

(Original text: Heike Hamann / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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