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Fashion and gastronomy: New businesses open in Bonn city center

Fashion and gastronomy : New businesses open in Bonn city center

In this pandemic, many things are no longer as they once were in the Bonn city center.

Those who don't walk through Bonn's city center every day always discover something new during their visits. As soon as a store closes, it usually doesn't stay empty for long. At least, that's how it was in the past. But in this pandemic, many things are no longer as they once were. There are noticeably more vacancies than usual at the moment on Sternstrasse, where “for lease” notices stay on the windows of the empty retail spaces longer than was previously the case. But there is also positive news: One example is the clothing store "Adenauer und Co.", which has opened its doors on Wenzelgasse.

The person running the fashion boutique, which has a slight nautical influence, is none other than the grandson of Konrad Adenauer, the first chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. Andreas Adenauer, unlike his grandfather, has devoted himself entirely to fashion. Adenauer&Co is "a family-run, fine German clothing brand," according to the company's website. Some of the inspiration for the brand comes from the North and Baltic Sea coast. The businessman was not available to speak in person with the GA. An employee of the company said he was constantly busy and on the road. Incidentally, so was his grandfather.

Boom in tea shops

Nearby, in a building on the corner of Wenzelgasse and Friedrichstrasse, where a small Rewe-to-go used to be, an Italian café will soon be opening, according to a notice posted there. At the same time, the number of tea stores in the city center is currently booming in Bonn: on every corner, you can buy mostly the quite sweet bubble teas to go. A new addition is "An's Teahouse" at the Dreieck - in a store where Italian shoes were previously sold. A cup of tea there costs between four and 4.50 euros.

But if you want to have a drink called Dragons Tears, you have to pay up to 5.40 euros. And beware: the "Black Tapioca" is not suitable for children under the age of seven, at least that's what the tea store's drink menu says. The tapioca balls are edible, translucent balls made from tapioca, a starch extracted from the cassava root. This in turn is also called the potato of the tropics and is said to be poisonous when eaten raw.

Successors in empty retail spaces

Nearby, confectionery lovers have the Hussel confectionery store but it is currently closed for renovation, according to a sign on the door. But it is expected to soon be open again for customers. The Deutsche Confiserie Group, to which Hussel belongs, had to file for insolvency in January. The company suffered considerable business losses as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The reorganization of the insolvent confectionery retailer is expected to be completed by the end of September at the latest, according to online reports. The store right next door, where a travel agency previously offered its services, is empty. There, too, renovation and reconstruction work is currently underway. However, the travel agency will not be moving back in. The jewelry store "Schmuckkollektiv" announces on posters in the shop window that it will open a branch there "soon".

Anyone who needs to make a quick trip at lunchtime to the Postbank on the corner of Friedrichstrasse and Bonngasse could be faced with closed doors. "Due to vandalism", the branch has changed its opening hours, as can be read on the door.

Karina Kröber from the board of the City Marketing association is pleased, as she tells the GA, that the former retail space of Mister Music on Münsterstrasse is rented again. Even if she doesn't have a dog. Because now a dog salon replaces the music store, offering everything for man’s best friend.

Fashion stores move into competitors' locations

A number of empty stores are also waiting to be filled with life again on Poststrasse. For example, the former branch of Jeweler Krämer, which still exists at the Markt. The former Appelrath Cüpper building on the corner of Poststrasse and In der Sürst, diagonally opposite the former Karstadt store, is also still empty. It is currently being renovated and converted and will be occupied by fashion retailer Peek&Cloppenburg, among others. 

The clothing apparel store Appelrath Cüpper moved some time ago into the former Zara on Remigiusplatz.

(Orig. text: Lisa Inhoffen; Translation: ck)