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Home and hobby store in Bad Godesberg: New contender for Knauber, which is set to close on June 30

Home and hobby store in Bad Godesberg : New contender for Knauber, which is set to close on June 30

The Bonn-based Knauber company announced it would be selling its stores on July 1. Seven parties have already expressed their interest. Now a new contender group wants to take over part of the existing inventory and expand on it.

The closure of the Knauber hobby and home improvement store in Pennenfeld is set for June 30. It is stirring up the residents in Godesberg. Following previous GA coverage on the topic, numerous readers took to social media to express possible ideas for future use of the building: some wanted a grocery store, others a local go-kart track and yet others a store with the existing mix of handicraft and school supplies, gift, garden and recreational items.

By the beginning of the week, seven candidates had expressed interest in the industrial area in the south of Bad Godesberg. According to a spokesperson of Invictus Immobilien und Bauen GmbH, another applicant also joined the ranks after the GA report. It concerns the use of the entire 5,400 square meters of rental space and the 3,700 square meters of open space or partial areas.

The majority of interested parties are Bonn residents and are active in the retail trade or skilled handcrafts. GKN Sinter Metals from the adjacent company is among them, confirms the real estate agent. It manages the much larger GKN site next door. Another interested party wanted to open a place for gatherings. An Invictus spokesperson responded to a GA inquiry by saying that the contender came from "a religious Christian and not a Muslim background". The interested party wants to establish a place for congregating and is not interested in building a new church. According to Markus Schmitz of the press office, however, "a religious venue at the Knauber site in Bad Godesberg is not permitted under planning law”.

The development plan for the area doesn’t permit facilities for religious, cultural, social, health and sports activities. "Whether an exemption from this can be granted would have to be clarified in a preliminary building application," said the city.

Another contender wants to continue with the existing offers found at the home improvement and hobby store, according to a real estate agent. And it was this contender group that introduced itself to the GA. "We are diehard Knauber customers who have come together to maintain a sustainable retail concept with a focus on creative garden design, home and hobby", say the initiators of the "Project Knauber-Nachfolge Bad Godesberg" (Knauber Successor Bad Godesberg Project), Stefanie Höbbel and Andreas Mankel. All members have professional experience in real estate development, financial consulting, retail, organizational development, marketing and digital logistics. They are also wanting to "do something for our city and future generations", they say.

The concept for the project looks like this: Part of the existing range of products is to be retained and increasingly supplemented by sustainable solutions with regional and climate-friendly products. For customers, the focus should be on experience, convenience and saving time. "A future-oriented, innovative company is to be created at the well-known location - from the strength of its customers," says the spokeswoman.

The districts of Pennenfeld and Lannesdorf as well as the entire south of Bonn are to be served and promoted on a daily basis. "The previous concept is based on a participation according to the cooperative principle for customers and citizens through participation in the financing and concept development in the business operations", plans the citizens' initiative. "If a green light is given, the initiative will be able to present the complete project concept with a timeline". The aim is to do this before the Knauber stores close at the end of June: Customer Initiative Knauber Succession Bad Godesberg Stefanie Höbbel, E-Mail: info@kundeninitiative.de, ☎ 01 71/6 53 34 92


Group sells its stores

The Bonn-based group announced at the end of March that it would be selling its stores on July 1. Bauhaus AG will take over the stores in Endenich, Ahrweiler, Bergisch Gladbach and Pulheim. The stores in Bad Godesberg and Troisdorf will be closed on June 30. The approximate 40 employees of the Godesberg branch will be absorbed by Bauhaus AG.

Orig. text: Ebba Hagenberg-Miliu

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