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The "Kurze Eugen" nears completion: New high-rise building on the UN Campus in Bonn

The "Kurze Eugen" nears completion : New high-rise building on the UN Campus in Bonn

A new high-rise building on the UN campus called the "Kurze Eugen" is nearly completed. The glass facade has reached 18th floor, which is also the highest floor. In fall, the first tenants will be able to move in.

Floor by floor, the "Kurze Eugen" has grown in recent months. Now the new high-rise building on the UN campus appears almost finished. The striking glass facade has reached the 18th floor, which is the top floor. The offices in the building are spread over 7,000 square meters. To prevent them from overheating behind the glass, the windows have sun protection, continually adjusted to the weather conditions. This ensures that just the right amount of daylight passes through.

The winter gardens can also be seen now, extending over two stories, with slatted openings to let in fresh air. For the 330 or so employees of the UN Climate Change Secretariat who are to move in, this is probably one of the most beautiful workplaces in Bonn with a view of the Rhine - costing around 72 million euros. The Institute for Federal Real Estate is bearing the costs and will hand over the high-rise building to the United Nations.

Much interior work still needs to be done before the first UN staff can move in in the autumn. The partition walls on each floor are nearly finished, and can easily be removed in the future if remodeling is needed. Office furnishings have not yet been brought in. The name "Kurze Eugen" (“Short Eugen”) is a play on the name “Langer Eugen” (“Long Eugen”), a high-rise which housed the German parliament until it moved to Berlin in 1999, and after that became home to many UN offices. The short one will not be as tall as its longer brother, which has almost twice as many floors.

(Orig. text: Nicolas Ottersbach / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)