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Königswinter swimming facility : New indoor swimming pool to be finished at the end of August

Königswinter swimming facility : New indoor swimming pool to be finished at the end of August

The bidding process for the new indoor swimming pool in Königswinter has ended after six months. The company chosen to run the swimming facility is not a stranger to the city.

Operations of the new Königswinter indoor pool will remain in trusted hands. Beginning in 1997, Schwimmtreff Hallenfreizeitbad GmbH managed the old pool on that site, which has since been demolished. The company won the bidding process against several other bidders. This was confirmed to the General-Anzeiger by Heike Jüngling. The contract between the city of Königswinter and the new operator is to be signed next Monday.

The indoor swimming pool is scheduled to be ready for use by the end of August and is expected to cost the city of Königswinter 11.4 million euros. The city council had unanimously approved the administration's proposal at the end of March in a closed session and instructed it to sign the contract.

Now that the deadline for the unsuccessful bidders to appeal has expired, Mayor Lutz Wagner and the managing director of the operating company can finally seal the cooperation.

The bidding process to find a company to operate the swimming facility had lasted around six months. The city had been advised by the company Prova (Hamm) as swimming pool technical advisor. The company, which itself operates several recreational pools, had also evaluated the applications. In legal questions the city had been advised by the Bonn law firm Redeker Sellner Dahs. Schwimmtreff, which is also the operator of the Lemmerz outdoor pool on Oberweingartenweg, will receive professional support during the first year of the contract. The Königswinter administration had insisted on this clause because of the scope of the contractual regulations, the obligations of the operator and the control rights of the grantor. As before, the operator will receive an annual operating subsidy from the city.

Orig. text: Hansjürgen Melzer

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