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Bonn city center: New lighting for the Urban Soul plaza

Bonn city center : New lighting for the Urban Soul plaza

New lighting has been installed across the plaza area in front of the new Urban Soul complex. Outdoor stone benches have also been added to provide seating.

Let there be light: The plaza in front of Urban Soul in Bonn's city center will be brightened up by new lighting starting this week. Rope lighting now stretches across the plaza, located on Maximilianstrasse. Previously, there had been only temporary lighting there. The provisional light posts are expected to be dismantled at the beginning of next week, according to an employee of the real estate developer "die developer”.

Seating for 500 people

In November, “die developer” put in three planters filled with small shrubs. Several stone benches were also installed at the same time. When the nearby restaurants and cafes in the area open up, there should be seating for around 500 people in the plaza area.

According to the employee from “die developer”, one of the restaurants is also expected to place more plants in the plaza but exact plans were not known at this time.

(Orig. text: Dennis Scherer / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)