"Green Canyon" New office complex planned on the B9 in Bonn

FRIESDORF · An old concrete complex on the Godesberger Allee is to give way to modern offices. Citizens will probably have a say in the plans for the B9.

Modern glass fronts, green exterior facades and a lively, spacious inner courtyard with benches and sunshades invite you to relax: This is how the site between Godesberger Allee 171 and Dreizehnmorgenweg 38 in Friesdorf could look in the future.

The area is currently still dominated by a multi-storey concrete complex from the 1960s. However, the Bad Godesberg district council and the municipal planning committee initiated its redesign a year ago. The buildings in need of renovation are to be demolished and replaced by modern new buildings.

In May, the district council will vote on whether public participation in this construction project is to be carried out at an early stage in accordance with the building code. According to the city, citizens would then be informed about the construction concept both in the town hall and in the district administration office. In addition, an information event in the summer would be planned. All interested Bonn citizens could then express their views and comments on the development plan.

A five-storey building on Dreizehnmorgenweg and a seven-storey skyscraper on Godesberger Allee are to be built on the almost 7100 square metre site next to the B9. The new offices could be rented both on a large-scale and in smaller square-metre sizes. In addition to offices, canteens and cafeterias are to open on the ground floor.

Start of construction 2021 at the earliest

In addition, a new public space is to be created between the two complexes, which in the current planning concept is referred to as a green canyon. This will connect the Godesberger Allee with the Dreizehnmorgenweg on foot and will be enlivened with outdoor terraces and restaurants. Parking spaces for cars and bicycles are planned in two underground parking decks. In addition, electric mobility will be promoted and car sharing will be offered.

The administration justifies the need for a new building on the one hand with the "persistently high demand for attractive office locations" in the city area. On the other hand, the current buildings would "no longer meet today's requirements for office buildings in terms of architecture and functionality“.

The three- to eight-storey office buildings are no longer up to date due to their nested building structure and the partially open underground car park. In addition, there is a high need for renovation. The city had already defined the area in 2017 within the framework planning for the former government quarter as an area in which there was a need, but also with a potential for change.

Last year, the administration and Aachener Landmarken AG, the owner of the property, announced the architectural competition "Bürokomplex im Bundesviertel" (Office Complex in the Federal Quarter) for the corresponding redesign. The winning design comes from the Cologne architect's office „caspar.schmitzmorkramer".

If both the development plan and a following building application are approved, the construction work could begin at the earliest 2021, according to Landmarken AG. When the new buildings could be finished, however, is not yet foreseeable, stressed a spokesman of the investor.

(Original text: Judith Nikula; Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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