Climate protectors in Bonn New poster at Münster promotes Fridays for Future

Bonn · A new poster adorns Bonn Cathedral. Since Tuesday, the Fridays movement has been promoting Future for climate protection. What does the parish have to say?

 A poster for the environmental movement Fridays for Future is being promoted at Bonn Cathedral.

A poster for the environmental movement Fridays for Future is being promoted at Bonn Cathedral.

Foto: Maximilian Mühlens

Since Tuesday morning, the cathedral in Bonn has been decorated with another poster: the movement Fridays for Future has hung a 35 square metre banner with the words "Unite behind the Science" on a scaffold. "This happened completely legally," explains spokesman Luca Samlidis. The activists approached the cathedral parish authorities and quickly got permission. And even more important: the city church has attached its own poster directly underneath. "We support you" can be read on it.

When it comes to the climate, science and faith do not contradict each other. "On the contrary, we often get more support from churches than from scientific circles," says Samlidis. But he emphasizes that even though Fridays for Future was allowed to assemble the poster free of charge, there is no cooperation with the church. "The commitment to creation and the environment is entirely in the tradition of a Christian theology of creation and in the position that Pope Francis holds," said City Dean Wolfgang Picken.

The climate activists themselves painted the banner, but that was a while ago. A few weeks ago it was on display at Poppelsdorfer Schloss - but was there without the permission of the university. It can be seen at the cathedral until Thursday or Friday. "Then the scaffolding will be rebuilt and has to be removed," says Samlidis. Soon it will be shown in further places.

There has already been billboard advertising at Bonn Cathedral before. In addition to the Aldi retail group, the Knauber leisure market in Bonn had advertised there with a banner.

(Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach; Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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