Bonn Players New production by English-speaking theatre group Bonn Players

BONN · The English-speaking theatre group Bonn Players have chosen the comedy “Duets” by Peter Quilter for their latest production. Tickets are on sale now.

Bonn Players: New production by English-speaking theatre group Bonn Players
Foto: Barbara Frommann

A somewhat aging couple stands on stage. Jonathan (John Stevens) and Wendy (Sue Ferrow) stare at each other perplexed in the latest production of the English-speaking theatre group Bonn Players. Jonathan plucks at his wig and is sweating in his pink jacket: his blind date is no longer quite the slim 63-year-old she described herself as in the advertisement. But Wendy is also taken aback: she had imagined a “well-proportioned 49-year-old” differently. Jonathan tries to talk through the initially embarrassing date. “Perhaps I’d better be quiet now,” it dawns on him at some point. The “freedom to do what you want” he advocates for more mature age groups leads to some unusual moments. And only those who retain a zest for life will succeed in dancing with the ingenious Wendy.

Bonn Players have chosen the delightful comedy “Duets” for their latest theatre production. Author Peter Quilter has four different couples meet, all united by one thing: after many highs and lows, they are all still searching for love, mostly in the chaotic manner that represents English humour. Directing duo Christina Sauer and Gina Kelly have attuned their actors well to this lightweight tone, to this spirit that is characteristic of Quilter’s plays. Secretary Janet (Mikayla Collins) tries hard to win over her overworked and gay boss Barrie (Colby Hilker) in between constant phone calls. No, actor Matt Damon, whom her boss is to see, is definitely heterosexual, she assures a disappointed Barrie.

Meanwhile, the over-the-top Shelley (Julia Zerhausen) and her still-husband Bobby (John Klumpers) try to get together again – on a picnic blanket in the holiday resort of Torremolinos. It’s a shame that sparks soon begin to fly. “The end of a marriage isn’t a game,” Bobby barks at his wife, as she downs drinks. “Sharing half and half doesn’t mean that you’ll get the ornamental fish,” Shelley retorts. He would simply make fish and chips out of them, counters Bobby.

Finally, Angela (Tracy Tollman) and brother Toby (Mike Asiago) cross swords with equal enthusiasm. Before his sister steps up to the altar for the third time in a billowing wedding dress, her sharp-tongued little brother runs through the weaknesses of Angela’s spouses numbers one to three. “This will be my last wedding,” his sister snaps back. “We’ll see,” says Toby. If it does not work out again, at least she will already have a rescue parachute to hand: this huge wedding dress.

Performances: 14-18 May, 7.30pm, Brotfabrik, Kreuzstraße 16, Bonn. Tickets available at

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