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Construction work during the autumn holidays: New restrictions for train commuters between Cologne and Bonn

Construction work during the autumn holidays : New restrictions for train commuters between Cologne and Bonn

Last stop Hürth-Kalscheuren – at least during the autumn holidays: The Deutsche Bahn is redeveloping its network around Cologne with around 400 construction sites. As a result, numerous trains from Bonn and the surrounding area will be diverted or replaced by buses.

Anyone travelling by train between Bonn and Cologne during the autumn holidays must be prepared for longer journey times. Between 9th and 26th October, the railway is refurbishing its network in and around Cologne. As a result, numerous connections from Bonn Central Station, from Sechtem/Roisdorf and from Brühl will also be diverted. "The journey times will be extended during the autumn holidays", announced a railway employee on Thursday when presenting the plans. The most important questions at a glance.

Which connections in the region will be affected during the autumn holidays?

RRX 5: The Rhine-Ruhr Express of Bahn's competitor National Express will run between Koblenz and Bonn at different times. Between Bonn and Cologne/Bonn Airport, an additional train runs once an hour with stops in Roisdorf, Sechtem, Brühl and Hürth-Kalscheuren. From the airport, passengers can change to other means of transport to Cologne.

RB 26: Trains between the main stations of Bonn and Cologne are cancelled. Between Koblenz and Bonn the traffic continues as usual.

RB 48: Trains run between Bonn and Hürth-Kalscheuren, but the further connection to Cologne central station is cancelled. Passengers can change in Brühl for a replacement bus to Cologne. In rush hour traffic, journeys between Opladen and Hürth-Kalscheuren are also diverted to a goods train route without stops. Between Hürth-Kalscheuren and Mehlem, trains stop regularly at the stations.

What are the alternative routes to Cologne at the individual stations?

Bonn Hauptbahnhof (main station): The train recommends taking the bus (529,537, 607) or tram (62) to Bonn-Beuel, from there take the RE 8 or RB 27 to Cologne.

Sechtem, Roisdorf, Brühl: Passengers travelling to Cologne can take the RRX 5 to Cologne/Bonn airport. From there there are several connections to Cologne. Another option is to take a replacement bus from Brühl to Cologne. From Roisdorf West or from Brühl, tram line 18 also continues to run to Cologne.

What impact will the construction work have on long-distance traffic?

Long-distance trains will not stop at the main stations in Bonn and Cologne, Remagen and Andernach during the construction work. IC and EC trains will stop in Beuel instead of Bonn. In Cologne, the Messe/Deutz station is planned as a replacement for the main station. ICE trains on the Cologne-Frankfurt route are not affected by the disruptions.

Where can I buy tickets for the replacement buses?

Passengers cannot buy tickets on the buses. These must be purchased in advance online, from vending machines or counters. Time-limited tickets are also valid on the diversion routes.

What is being built?

Following work during the summer holidays, the Deutsche Bahn is continuing to expand the line between Bonn and Cologne during the autumn holidays. Up to 200 workers will be employed at 400 construction sites for the project, which is estimated to cost around 25 million euros. The main focus is on work on the electronic signal boxes to prevent power cuts on the line. In addition, new signals, sewage system work and noise protection measures will be carried out. The station Köln-Süd is being modernised.

Further information is available at bauinfos.deutschebahn.com/nrw and via the app "DB Bauarbeiten". There you can also subscribe to a newsletter for individual railway lines. More staff will also be available at the larger stations to provide advice.

Original text: Delphine Sachsenröder. Translation: Mareike Graepel