Investment projects in Bonn New roof for the Poppelsdorf palace

BONN · The City of Bonn has much potential for development and one of the strongest drivers is the University of Bonn. Here are some areas where investments for improvements are being made.

In the coming years, the federal government will invest a three-digit million amount in new buildings, but also in the renovation of existing buildings in Bonn.

Development of the University of Bonn accounts for a lion’s share of the work on the part of the building and real estate company of the state of NRW (BLB). Its director Martin Brans and deputy director Heike Blohm-Schröder gave an overview of the upcoming projects. One of the smaller projects is causing one of the biggest headaches.

Reconstruction and renovation of the university underground parking garage, which was closed on New Year’s eve in 2012, has turned out to be quite complicated. Work is now expected to begin in October. Costs are expected to run 10.5 million euros, four million of that being earmarked for making the garage accessible.

Brans and Blohm-Schneider are optimistic that the garage will re-open for Christmas shopping in 2019. Three new buildings had been commissioned for the Poppelsdorf campus but these were also delayed. Considerable construction defects meant these buildings were not completed in October of 2016 as originally planned.

Instead, they will be handed over to the university in the coming days. Coming next is the restoration of the roof and facade of the Poppelsdorf baroque palace. The work will begin in June and is expected to take two and a half years. Temporary closures can be expected in this area during that time. The University of Bonn has also expressed interest in the Children’s Hospital on Adenauerallee but currently, there are no concrete plans in place.

(Orig. text: Cem Akalin)

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