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Retail in Bonn: New shops in Bonn city center

Retail in Bonn : New shops in Bonn city center

Becker instead of Vollmar: The perfumery and cosmetics store on Kaiserplatz opens with a new name. A new Thai snack bar aims to attract hungry customers and a store offering functional and trendy outdoor jackets opens.

Kaiserplatz has always been a "fragrant place". For decades, Perfumery Vollmar sold fragrances and beauty care products there. Now the traditional perfumery Becker has taken over and rebuilt the former Vollmar store. Since Monday, customers can go in and have a peek.

"Bonn is a good place", says Gerlinde Lülsdorf from the owner-managed perfumery company Becker, which is one of the largest in Germany. "We are thrilled at how attractive and lively the city center is for customers and visitors." The surroundings are right and we have many regular customers here. Becker has taken over another store on Kaiserplatz and other Vollmar branches from Martin Hergarten (GA reported).

There are also things happening in other parts of the city: some shops are closing, in other shops you can clearly hear that they are being renovated. " Retail means change," says Karina Kröber from the City Marketing Association. "Especially smaller shops with an individual offer put a unique stamp on a city. We welcome the fact that, in addition to larger chains, start-ups and small shops are also settling here tine and again. A healthy mixture is important for a city."

Just a few steps away from Kaiserplatz, Am Neutor has another new tenant. Directly next to the Haribo shop, a Thai snack bar is to be opened in the space where the Cinderella boutique was. Posters are already hanging on the windows, but the official opening is not yet known.

Hanoi Ecke, Wellensteyn

In Stockenstrasse, they have progressed further. The team at the new bistro "Hanoi Ecke" (“Hanoi Corner”) is already serving Pho soup and other Vietnamese dishes. At the beginning of August, the restaurant opened in the former bistro "Zucchini".

“Wellensteyn", a provider of functional outdoor jackets and coats, will be coming to Bonn in the next few days. The company is currently converting a shop on Wenzelgasse and the opening is scheduled for September. Right next door, LLoyd is rebuilding its shoe shop.

There is still plenty of space for shops in the Kaiserpassage. There are currently at least five empty spaces for lease. A successor for the restaurant Ente is not yet in sight. One can still see what was served in the former restaurant on the menu on the façade.

At Bonn's main train station, there are three new tenants for Urban Soul's "City Office" on Rabinstraße. "Design Offices", the nationwide leading provider of corporate co-working, the consulting, planning and furnishing company "Designfunktion" as well as a "Bulthaup" kitchen studio will move into the property. "We are very pleased about the high quality tenants," says Bastian Julius, Managing Director of Urban Soul.

Orig. text: Gabriel Immenkeppel

Translation: ck