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Gastronomy at the main station: New shops in Bonn city centre

Gastronomy at the main station : New shops in Bonn city centre

There is a lot going on in Bonn city centre. Among other things, a successful chain from Cologne is now gaining a foothold in the city. However, Bonners also have to say goodbye to restaurants.

There’s a lot going on downtown again. Some shops are closing, others have reopened. There is a particularly noticeable change at the edge of the city, behind the main railway station. The Cologne cult shop “Supasalad” has settled on Quantiusstraße. There are already ten of these shops in Cologne, where you can stock up on salad, but also get sandwiches and drinks.

With “Supasalad”, the new buildings erected in recent years just behind the station are now completely filled with new shops. The row begins with the Intercity Hotel, then the Alnatura store, then, if you skip the ugly line with the old DB multi-storey car park, comes the new Caritas bike station as well as the small but nice new Gastro-mile with “Supasalad” and the Japanese restaurant “Okinii”. Both restaurants also have outdoor restaurants, which are popular in the current good weather.

Fast-food restaurant and pharmacy closed

After many decades, the small cleaning shop at the market place has closed. Who will move in there is unclear, as is the question of who will take over the shop where McDonald’s sold burgers and fries for 24 years, two building’s away. This branch of the fast-food chain has been closed since the beginning of the year. A bit further on, Sternstrasse begins, and there has been a sign up at the Löwen pharmacy saying “closed for renovation work” for a long time. If you take a look inside the shop, you will indeed discover a building site – but no workers are to be seen.

Günter Udelhofen is a real estate agent from Bonn and travels a lot around the city centre. He is worried about the vacancies in Sternstrasse and elsewhere. “The rent is now too high for many retailers”, he explains. He would like to see a stronger partnership between landlords and tenants again in order to maintain urbanity in the city centre in the future. “You have to let your business partner live”. Karina Kröber from the City Marketing association agrees. “At some point, the tenants stay away, even chain stores, and the inner cities become unattractive. Tenancy agreements should always be concluded with foresight”, said Kröber, who runs the optics and acoustics business at Friedensplatz with her sister Tanja Kröber. In the meantime, she has spoken to some landlords in the city and received the message that they are quite willing to talk.

Some vacancies in Sternstraße

Two more vacancies in Sternstrasse catch the eye: a former boutique shop has been empty for some time. Frank’s Coffee coffee bar, which opened just two years ago, has also recently closed. Owner Frank Haße opened a larger restaurant on the Poppelsdorfer Gastro-mile in April, called Frank’s – a mixture between a café, bistro and bar. A few weeks ago, the Voigt bakery reopened in the former premises of the “Ligne Roset” furniture store on Oxfordstrasse. Something special is that the bakery offers a breakfast buffet on the upper floor. On the other side of the street, a large Asian market has moved into the former Netto, and in the Maximiliancenter in front of the main railway station, the final work is in progress in the basement, before the new passage, which is already in use, is officially opened on Tuesday.

The “Zeitlos” antique shop in Friedrichstrasse is about to close. Gerd Noisten has sold antique furniture and accessories there for almost 25 years. “The reasons for closing the business are many and varied”, he told the GA. “Of course the usual reasons include costs such as rent and taxes. We don’t mind paying if the turnover or the remaining profit is acceptable. Unfortunately, hardly any profit remains and fund reserves cannot be built up. People like what we have on offer, but buy nothing or little”.

Contrary to what had been announced, the branch of the outlet chain “Saks Off 5” on Remigiusstrasse is still open. This was supposed to be shut down by 30 June to make way for Karstadt Sport.

Karstadt Sport to open on three floors

But this planning has been shifted slightly backwards, explained Harry Benzrath, Managing Director of Galeria Kaufhof, which merged with Karstadt and to which the store rooms of the outlet store belong. According to Benzrath, the plans envisage that Karstadt Sport will not only be located on the basement and ground floors, but also on the upper floor, where Galeria Kaufhof’s children’s clothing and toys department is currently located. “We will then take our children’s world to the fourth floor”. The food department in the basement of Kaufhof is only closed for a short time. It will reopen on Monday, under the direction of Karstadt Delicacies.

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen, translation John Chandler)