Snowfall in the region New snow record in Bonn city area

BONN · Snow flurries and icy conditions have Bonn and the region firmly under control. This is not expected to change at the weekend.

On Thursday morning, the climatologist Karsten Brandt from Bonn measured the highest amount of new snow in the Bonn city area since Christmas Eve 2010. "This is a new record in Bonn," Brandt said. By noon, 14 centimeters of snow had fallen at the measuring station in Bechlinghoven.

The snowfall was not a surprise. "We forecast the small low-pressure area. But we really didn't expect this amount." Brandt then predicts "strong thaw of six to seven degrees" for Friday. During the night to Saturday there will be sleet/rain depending on the altitude. The snow fall limit would lie then within 250 to 300 meters height. According to the weather expert, the warmer weather on Friday will initially remain an exception.

On Saturday, temperatures will drop down to two to three degrees Celsius with light snow and rainfall and a closed cloud cover. Brandt: "The areasathigher altitudes will remain white in any case. Caution is therefore still required in road traffic.“ According to Brandt, it will not get better again until Sunday, when there will be light frost at night and a "wintery mood" with temperatures of up to three degrees during the day. The temperatures then continue to fluctuate around the freezing point.

Further weather forecasts for Bonn and the region can be found at

(Original text: Sebastian Meltz, Dylan Cem Akalin / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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