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Public transport: New timetables in Bonn and the region from December

Public transport : New timetables in Bonn and the region from December

In December the timetable for transport services in Bonn and the region will change. The frequency of some lines in the city will increase and a new express bus route will be operating on the righthand side of the Rhine. Here we provide an overview.

The public transport network is being extended in Bonn and the Rhine-Sieg-District. More connections and some new routes are planned to facilitate mobility.

The timetable will be changing on 13th December for the services offered by the Stadtwerke Bonn (SWB) and Rhein-Sieg-Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (RSVG).

Buses and trams in Bonn

The changes are based on previous committee resolutions by the Supervisory Board and the City Council.

  • Tram lines 61 and 62

Line 62 between Dottendorf and Oberkassel will run every 15 minutes on Sundays. Up until the timetable change, the line is running every half an hour. After the change, every second tram on lines 61 and 62 will alternatively end at Quirinusplatz and the main train station. This will keep the final stops connected at 30-minute intervals. The main train station will then be accessible every 15 minutes.

  • Changes to city tram lines

On the tram lines 61 and 62, short journeys are planned to the main station with a slightly shifted interval of 13 and 17 minutes. This will allow passengers to change trains in the city centre in both directions without any problems.

The departure times of the 66 tram line will change slightly. The SWB say this is due to construction work carried out by Deutsche Bahn on the S13.

  • Changes to bus routes

On the SB55 bus route between Bonn and Köln-Wahn, passengers will be able to travel at 20-minute intervals on Saturdays. Until now, the buses have been running every half hour on Saturdays.

To shorten the walking distances at Cologne/Bonn Airport and increase the attractiveness of the route, the SB60 will also serve Terminal 2 from mid-December.

The entire timetable for the 636 bus route will be moved forward by five minutes Monday to Friday and Saturday into the evening. There will also be four additional buses on weekdays between 8am and 10am, and 3.30pm and 5.30pm in both directions.

The 680 bus route will gain a new stop in Alfter called ‘Oedekoven Staffelsgasse’.

At the bus station in the city the stops C3 and C4 will be amalgamated under C3.

Local transport in Rhine-Sieg-District

The RSVG will cancel some of their night buses due to the corona pandemic. The cancellations will be in effect as long as the current corona regulations with curfew hours and the ban on major events, especially in the evening, remain in force. Once the overall situation has eased, however, the affected lines will continue to operate as usual.

  • New school bus routes between Hennef and Asbach

The SB52 route will in future connect Hennef (Bahnhof) and Asbach (VC Tankstelle). Passengers from the Westerwald will be able to reach the Sieg in just over an hour. Uckerath is also included in the timetable.

  • Cancelled RSVG night services

On almost all lines, individual services will be temporarily suspended from late evening onwards. Anyone dependent on late or night-time connections should therefore obtain detailed information in advance. A list of the routes and services affected can be found on the RSVG website here.

Increased number of trams in Cologne

In Cologne, the Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe (KVB) will run all trams at a basic frequency of every ten minutes, including Saturdays from 9 am to 8 pm. In the evenings, the services will be extended from 11pm to midnight and the lines will run at 15-minute intervals. The lines 16 and 18 between Bonn and Cologne will run every 20 minutes on weekdays. At the weekend, these trams will run every half an hour.

(Original text: ga, Translation: Caroline Kusch)