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Made for climbing: Newly designed playground area in the Rheinaue

Made for climbing : Newly designed playground area in the Rheinaue

A playground area in the Rheinaue is getting a major overhaul with a new creative design. It will consist mainly of playground equipment which in its entirety forms a climbing course.

The city is doing a major redesign in the large playground area in the Rheinaue. Last year, the city expected playground renovation to be completed by the end of 2019 but this did not happen. The main reason for the delay was the long delivery times for the playground equipment - in some cases it takes up to half a year before the playground equipment can be delivered, Kristina Buchmiller explained to the GA last year.

At that time, the costs were estimated to be a total of 200,000 euros. The new playground consists mainly of equipment that forms a climbing course. Visitors can make it through the entire playground via the climbing equipment, never touching the ground. A ground-level access platform will also enable children with physical impairments to use the new playground.

The city was intent on listening to the voices of the children for the redesign of the playground. In doing so, it discovered that climbing was still very popular. Incidentally, the Rheinaue playground is not the only playground in the city that is being redesigned or newly built. It’s part of the city's work program with "individual landscape architecture projects in the Office for City Greenery".

(Orig. text: Maximilian Mühlen; Translation: ck)