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GA-English on Easter Monday: News briefs for Bonn and the region

GA-English on Easter Monday : News briefs for Bonn and the region

Start of the river cruising season, upcoming road closure on Bonner Talweg, Vilich tram stop to be replaced, business over for the Rheinpavillion and dates for the driving ban appeal… here is our news in brief on Easter Monday.

Rhine river cruises have begun

BONN. On Good Friday the Bonn Personenschifffahrt (BPS) traditionally opened its summer sailing season. With blue skies and glorious sunshine, passengers set sail on the Rhine with the Siebengebirge hills as a stunning backdrop. The ships "Filia Rheni", "Rhine Princess", "Moby Dick" and "Poseidon" have all returned to the waters. In addition to the scheduled river cruises, many special events are on this year’s programme to mark the occasion of the company’s 90th birthday. These include boat tours along the Rhine for the Rhine in Flames event, castle trips to Rüdesheim, visits to Andernach with geysers, Bavarian evenings and afternoon events for seniors. Additions to the programme include pleasure trips with culinary delights, theatre tours and panoramic trips to the Siebengebirge.

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen)

Further construction work on Bonner Talweg

BONN. Stadtwerke subsidiary Bonn-Netz has been renewing supply lines and house connections on the southern part of the Bonner Talweg for over a year. These works have been followed by a renewal of the road surface by the civil engineering office. From the end of April until mid-June the section between August-Bier-Straße and the roundabout Eduard-Otto-Straße will be closed off for works. The gutters, gutter drains and kerbstones will be aligned and restored so that the water can drain off properly and the sewer shafts will be adapted, all at a cost of around 115,000 euros.

(Original text: Rüdiger Franz)

Changes at Vilich tram stop

BONN-VILICH. For seven years now, a temporary wooden construction at the Vilich tram stop has provided access to the trams on line 66. The city is now proposing to replace this structure with earth fills and precast reinforced concrete units. This is the result of a draft resolution to be voted on by Beuel district council at its meeting on 15 May. The conversion is deemed necessary because the wooden platform is only designed to be used for up to three years but has already more than doubled this. According to the municipal utilities, the maintenance of the construction would be about 150,000 euros annually. Similar to the wooden construction, the new platforms that are planned will have to serve as a temporary solution until the new Vilich station is completed. This is located some 200 metres further along in the direction of Sankt Augustin and will provide a direct connection with the future S13 line. According to the city council, the new Vilich station will not be operable until 2026 at the earliest.

(Original text: Matthias Kirch)

Closure of popular Rheinpavillion

BONN. The Rheinpavillon with its beer garden on the banks of the Rhine will be closing after Easter. Leaseholder Arno Heppenheimer, whose father Willi opened the Rheinpavillon in 1947, is giving up the business after 30 years for health reasons. “The seasonal business is very exhausting and demanding” he said. In addition, there are the problems of finding sufficient personnel. At the moment, his 80-year-old mother is supporting him due to staff shortages.

The pavilion is under a preservation order and belongs to the city of Bonn. He is in negotiations with the city about handing over the lease. "I don't think the Rhine pavilion will remain closed for long," said Heppenheimer.

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen)

Decision on driving bans

BONN. Will certain cars be banned from driving on Reuterstraße and Belderberg to comply with the restrictions on nitrogen dioxide emissions? In the summer, appeal proceedings will take place and the Higher Administrative Court of Münster will decide on the complaint filed by Environmental Action Germany (Deutsche Umwelthilfe), which was upheld in the first instance by the Administrative Court of Cologne. A discussion hearing will be held on 9 and 10 May to include topics such as the location of the measuring points, options for reducing private transport, the control of traffic flows and options for monitoring the traffic bans.

(Original text: Rüdiger Franz)

(Translation: Caroline Kusch)