Pentecost Monday, May 20 News in Brief for Bonn and the region

Bonn/Region · 13 people were injured in an apartment building fire in Bonn on Sunday. The “Friesi” outdoor pool opens for the season. Legendary hard rock band AC/DC is back on tour in Europe, with many stops in Germany. Our news in brief for Pentecost Monday.

Pentecost Monday, May 20: News in Brief for Bonn and the region
Foto: Petra Reuter

13 injured in apartment building fire in Bonn

Bonn-Brüser Berg. An apartment became fully engulfed in flames in an apartment building fire early Sunday morning. Numerous Bonn fire department rescue teams were on the scene as several people had to be taken out of the burning building.

13 people were injured, and eight of them were taken to hospitals in Bonn for further treatment. The building is now uninhabitable following the fire and a criminal investigation unit has begun investigating the cause of the fire.

Shortly before 5 a.m., dispatchers received several emergency calls reporting a fire in an apartment building with a total of 14 residential units on Borsigallee. When the first fire department crews arrived, an apartment on the first floor was fully engulfed in flames. Due to the "dramatic and confusing situation", additional firefighters were called to the scene.

Three teams with breathing apparatus units rescued the residents via the smoke-filled stairwell and used an extinguisher to fight the fire from the inside. The firefighters also tackled the flames coming from the rear of the apartment, which helped to stop the fire from spreading via the façade and balconies to the floors above.

First responders treated the injured at the scene, with five ambulances on the scene. The eight people who were transferred to hospitals in Bonn suffered minor to moderate injuries.

Since the building is now uninhabitable, residents had to find alternative accommodations with the support of the city of Bonn and the police.

Orig. text: Michael Wrobel

“Friesi” outdoor pool opens for the season

Bonn. Storm warnings or not, when the “Friesi” opens its doors for the outdoor pool season, nothing keeps die hard swimmers away from the pool. But visitors will have to adjust to different opening times this year.

From now on, the pool will be open daily from 11 am to 7 pm. For those who are passionate about early morning swimming, and this has been quite a few at the Friesi in recent years, this news will not be welcome news.

Because the outdoor pool is opening later, the swimming courses run by the Freibad Freunde Friesdorf association are being moved to Rüngsdorf. Helena Henrich, who is involved with the Freibad Freunde and whose children are learning to swim through this club, says this makes it complicated for her family. Originally, the kids were supposed to bike to the Friesdorf swimming pool on their own while the parents were working from home. Now it means: 20 minutes there, 20 minutes back by bike from Rüngsdorf. And then picking up their son again 45 minutes later. That throws their mornings completely off.

According to Stefan Günther, Head of the Sports and Swimming Department, the city lacks the staff to open the Friesi earlier. He said they didn't like having to make that decision but it wouldn't have been a good idea to start out with the old opening hours only to realize after a few days that it wasn't working. Add to that, there was a position advertised in order to extend the opening hours, but no one applied for it.

To ensure that the Friesi remains attractive for its visitors, a series of events are planned for the season. On June 13, swimmers can experience the sound art installation by Trio Wellenklang in the outdoor pool and listen to music under the surface of the water. On October 3, the trio will return to Friesdorf with a concert that can also be heard on land. Movie nights will take place in July and August and the Friesathlon will also take place, with around 160 people competing in swimming, cycling and running.

“Friesi” outdoor pool in Bonn.

“Friesi” outdoor pool in Bonn.

Foto: Jaqueline Jansen

Orig. text: Jaqueline Jansen

Hard rock band AC/DC on tour in Germany

Gelsenkirchen. Legendary hard rock band AC/DC is back on tour in Europe a good 50 years after the band was founded. The Australians played in front of 54,000 fans at the arena in Gelsenkirchen on Friday evening. The group led by cult guitarist Angus Young will be playing a total of eleven concerts in Germany up until August.

Their repertoire always includes some of the famous rock anthems such as "Highway to Hell", "Back In Black" or “Thunderstruck".

For AC/DC, the "Power-Up" European tour is the first in nearly eight years. The Australians actually wanted to go on tour in 2020, but were thwarted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Guitarist Angus Young (68) and singer Brian Johnson (76) are the last remaining members of the AC/DC line-up that recorded the cult album "Back In Black" in 1980. Since the early days of the band, when he was still a teenager, band leader Young has always performed in school uniform, which he largely sheds during the concert. Rhythm guitarist Stevie Young has been with the band since 2014. He replaces his uncle, band founder Malcolm Young, who died in 2017.

 AC/DC's singer Brian Johnson (M) and lead guitarist Angus Young (r) on stage.

AC/DC's singer Brian Johnson (M) and lead guitarist Angus Young (r) on stage.

Foto: AP/Martin Meissner

AC/DC will be performing in Gelsenkirchen for the second time next Tuesday. Other stops in Germany include Dresden, Hockenheim, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Hanover. According to the concert organizers, tickets are still on sale for some concerts - for example in Dresden. The "Power-Up" tour is named after the band's latest studio album, which reached number 1 in 21 countries.

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