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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the region

Two ships collided on the Rhine on Friday, we have lots of pictures from the Kunst!Rasen concerts on Saturday for you. a ten-year-old boy was injured in an accident near Much and seven players from Bonn take part in the Quidditch World Cup in Florence, Italy, this weekend - here is the news from Bonn and the region in our GA English „News in Brief“.

Freighter ship and tanker collided near Königswinter

Two ships collided on Friday on the Rhine near Königswinter: The freighter “Enyo” and a tanker, “Manouk”, collided after the first ship ran aground earlier. During the weekend the rescue services began to move the freight (clay) to another ship to be able to move “Enyo” a bit nearer to the Maritim Hotel. “Manouk” stayed at anchor for a while, due to a mechanical check-up after the collision.

(Original text: Michael Wrobel, Katrin Janßen and Alexander Hertel)

Picture galleries of Querbeat and LaBrassBanda gigs

You know to expect some party-time when Querbeat from Bonn and LaBrassBanda from Bavaria take to the stage. On Saturday both bands played at the Kunst!Rasen event and rocked the show all evening. Our GA photographers brought back many pictures.

(Original text: Benjamin Westhoff and Ingo Firley)

Querbeat und LaBrassBanda beim Kunst!Rasen - Teil 1

Querbeat und LaBrassBanda beim Kunst!Rasen - Teil 2

Ten-year-old nephew of driver seriously injured in crash near Much

For reasons yet unkown, a 25-year-old driver crashed into a tree on the Wahnbachtalstraße near Much on Saturday evening. His ten-year-old nephew was seriously injured and had to be cut out of the wreck before he was flown to a hospital by helicopter. The driver suffered minor injuries.

(Original text: Michael Wrobel)

Quidditch players from Bonn take part in world cup in Florence, Italy

When fiction becomes reality: This weekend the Quidditch World Cup takes place in Florence, Italy - and seven players from Bonn made it into the national team. Leander Troll, a founding member of the Rhinos Bonn, got to know Quidditch as an actual game during a semester abroad in Vancouver. To make it into the German national team the players have to pass a multiple-step-test and a qualifying phase. In the end, 25 players were picked from over 100 applicants in the country. Troll and his club mates Leon Bürgers, Lukas Dreyer, Giulia Pugnaghi, Anneke Müller, Sina Rehberg and Christian Zimpelmann already traveled to Florence on Wednesday. The national coach hopes to make it into the top six teams. The Quidditch world cup can be watched in a livestream here.

(Original text: Sabrina Bauer)