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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the region

A cargo ship ran aground at Mehlem, the ICE track between Cologne and Frankfurt reopens today, railway underpasses in Beuel will be closed for years, the General-Anzeiger travel fair in Bad Godesberg is still on until 5.30 pm and a feasibility study paves the way for new city tram connection from Bonn to Cologne - here is our news in brief on Sunday.

Near Weinhäuschen: Cargo ship runs aground at Mehlem

MEHLEM. In Bonn-Mehlem a cargo ship ran aground near Weinhäuschen. According to the water police in Bonn, this happened on Saturday afternoon. The freighter, which had loaded a cargo of 669 tons of sand, could be released around 9 pm as planned. (Original text: ga.de)

Frankfurt-Cologne: After the ICE fire the track reopens on Sunday

A good month after a fire on the ICE, the trains on the Frankfurt-Cologne high-speed track will be back on schedule from Sunday onwards. With timetable starting in the early hours of the morning, they will, according to Deutsche Bahn, once again run on two tracks on the route section near Montabaur in the Westerwald. However, the trains in the accident area will have to travel at a reduced speed for the time being. Due to remaining work, delays of "a few minutes" may occur at first. According to Deutsche Bahn, the shuttle services between Frankfurt and Montabaur offered to date are no longer required. "The train stations Siegburg/Bonn, Montabaur and Limburg Süd will be served as usual.“. From the beginning of December, the trains will run completely unrestricted. A fire broke out in a moving ICE on 12 October. All 500 people on board were rescued. Five suffered minor injuries. The fire destroyed the train and damaged the tracks for about 60 meters in the direction of travel. In the opposite direction there was damage for 14 meters. (Original text: dpa)

S 13 construction: Railway underpasses in Beuel closed for years

BEUEL. For the construction of the S13, Deutsche Bahn has to close the passage on Bröltalbahnweg and several underpasses in the northeast of Beuel - some of them for years. Vilich-Müldorf, Geislar and Vilich are particularly affected. The reason for this is the extension of the S 13 route from Troisdorf to Oberkassel, which began in November 2016. On Monday, 19 November, representatives of the city of Bonn and Deutsche Bahn will give further details at a citizens' meeting. It will take place at 8 pm in the Mühlenbachhalle in Vilich-Müldorf, Wilfried-Hatzfeld-Straße. Possible alternative routes for cyclists and pedestrians will also be discussed there. (Original text: Holger Willcke)

For an overview of which underpasses will be closed in Beuel, please use this link here.

Open until Sunday afternoon: General-Anzeiger organises travel fair in Bad Godesberg

BAD GODESBERG. The travel fair of the Bonner General-Anzeiger attracts many holidaymakers to the Godesberg Stadthalle at its premiere. More than 30 exhibitors inform visitors about their offers in the event rooms of the Stadthalle. These range from beach holidays in the Bahamas to city culture tours and au pairs to short breaks and holidays on farms or along the Moselle. Camper drivers will also find a visit worthwhile, as will friends of bus tours: In front of the entrance there are three coaches, two of which have a panoramic glass roof and individual seats. Visitors can also find out about boat trips. The travel fair in the Stadthalle Bad Godesberg, Koblenzer Straße 80, is still open until 5.30 pm, admission is free. (Original text: Stefan Knopp)

Feasibility study paves the way for new city tram connection from Bonn to Cologne

NIEDERKASSEL. The Niederkassel Transport Committee supports the route variant from Bonn via Niederkassel to Cologne. According to the district council, the cost-benefit ratio is good. Around 40 citizens came to find out about the development plan for the chemical park and the route for the industrial railway on the Evonik site as well as the plans for a new city tram system. Its cost-benefit ratio was unanimously approved in the Evonik Casino. The politicians’ good reason for rejoicing was a fear for the residents along the tracks who saw the city railroad and freight trains as a great nuisance to be faced. (Original text: Martina Welt)

(Translation: Mareike Graepel)