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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the region

New timetable details coming into effect today, an ICE train was evacuated in Siegburg after smoke development, warning strikes at German railways expected on Monday, a permanent construction site on Bonner Talweg annoys local residents, 21-year-old seriously injured after shots from car in Cologne, 24-year-old BMW driver collides with parked van - here is our news in brief.

Timetable change: Here are the plans for the Bonn bus and tram schedule

Local public transportation authorities are expanding their offer in the Bonn area. The plans come into effect today. Here are the most important changes.

Bistro-oven overheated: ICE train evacuated in Siegburg after smoke development

An entire ICE train had to be evacuated on Saturday afternoon after smoke had developed in the on-board bistro. It meant a major deployment of fire brigade and police at Siegburg station, when a slight smoke development in the on-board bistro caused an ICE train and platform 3 to be completely cleared on Saturday afternoon. The ICE 628 was on its way from Munich to Dortmund when smoke was discovered in wagon 25. Apparently, a defective oven had overheated in the on-board bistro there. Nobody was injured. The approximately 250 passengers were able to take the next ICE, according to a railway spokesperson. The train was then driven to Düsseldorf for repair.

(Original text: Michael Wrobel and Alf Kaufmann)

No agreement on salaries: Warning strikes at German railways on Monday

No agreement was reached in the collective bargaining round for the railways. The railways and the union EVG quarrel about the level of wages. Now there will be warning strikes - with the corresponding consequences. At the beginning of the new week, rail passengers will have to prepare for warning strikes and should expect train cancellations and delays. The Railway and Transport Union (EVG) broke off collective bargaining with Deutsche Bahn in Hanover. According to information from trade union circles, employees are to cease work on Monday morning, especially in signal boxes and workshops nationwide. The action could continue until noon.

No passage through: The southern part of the Bonner Talweg has been blocked for months

From the client's point of view, everything is fine with the construction site on the southern Bonner Talweg. The tolerance of several residents, on the other hand, is exhausted: they report noise, lack of parking space and unnecessary delays. In May thesufferingbegan for the residents between Reuterstraße and Eduard-Otto-Straße. Since then, the work of the municipal utility subsidiary BonnNetz and the municipal civil engineering office has been running in this 420-metre section of the Bonn Valley Trail. While BonnNetz is renewing the supply lines and house connections for gas, water and electricity, the civil engineering office is providing a new road surface. Originally, the project, which began at the beginning of May, was to last 20 weeks. Since then, almost 30 weeks have passed without the road being accessible again.

(Original text: Rüdiger Franz)

Homicide squad investigated in Cologne: 21-year-old seriously injured after shots from car

Around 1.40 am on Saturday morning several shots were fired from a moving car onto another car on the city highway in Cologne-Kalk. The 21-year-old driver of a VW Golf suffered life-threatening injuries. His 16-year-old co-driver was not injured. According to the two young men, the fugitive vehicle from which the shot was fired is a white Mercedes A-class.

(Original text: Thomas Faßbender)

Accident on L84 near Lohmar: 24-year-old collides with parked van

A 24-year-old woman rammed into a parked van in an accident on the wet L84 near Lohmar on Sunday morning and collided with heavy boulders. The fire brigade had to rescue her from her car. Sinceshe was trapped, the fire brigade opened the jammed driver's door and handed the Cologne woman over to the rescue service. The woman was slightly injured in the accident. The car-sharing vehicle, which was only two months old, was totalled. According to the police, alcohol was not involved, but the officers wanted a blood sample to check for possible drug use.

(Original text: Christof Schmoll)