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A man was hit by train in Bornheim, a couple were seriously injured in crash on L333 in Hennef, four strangers chased and threatened two people in their car in Sankt Augustin, Bonn will not host the next climate summit as Chile offers to be the host, Von Floerke investors worry about their money and Astronomy on Tap announced their next event for this coming Tuesday - here is our news in brief.

 The Astronomy on Tap organising team.

The Astronomy on Tap organising team.

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Railway line closed temporarily: Man hit by train in Bornheim

On Saturday evening a man was injured by a regional express in Bornheim. Rail traffic was interrupted for several hours. Around 7.37 pm the Bornheim fire brigade was alerted. At the underpass to the cemetery at Am Öhlchen a regional express hit a person. After a short inspection of the track bed, the emergency services were made aware by a local resident of an injured male person below the underpass, who was then immediately treated by an emergency doctor. Meanwhile the fire brigade treated the train passengers and the driver of the regional express, illuminated the track for the federal police and a helicopter flew down the track bed to rule out the possibility that another person was involved in the accident. The line was closed for several hours because the train was damaged by the collision.

(Original text: Axel Vogel)

Siegtal route closed: Two seriously injured in crash on L333 in Hennef

On Saturday evening around 7.40 pm a 31-year-old veered off road with his car on the L333 between Bülgenauel and Stein coming from Eitorf towards Hennef. Due to the force and severity of the accident, the driver and his 35-year-old female passenger were trapped in the car and seriously injured. The car crashed head-on against a tree and was thrown back over the road into a slope by the violent impact. The two occupants were trapped in the completely destroyed car wreck during the accident. The force of the impact had ripped the car's engine block out of the engine compartment, it was thrown for about 25 metres down to the bank of the river Sieg.

(Original text: GA Bonn)

Car chase in Sankt Augustin: couple threatened by gang of four

Jan H. (22) and his girlfriend came out of a situation that was still affecting him days later, physically unscathed, just because the windows of his car withstood the massive blows of another driver: Last Saturday evening, shortly after 10.30 pm, the young man was driving an Audi Q3 on the two-lane part of Einsteinstrasse towards the motorway to a red traffic light at the intersection "Am Bauhof". When the traffic light turned green, he said he was driving on the free lane past a white BMW 1-series that had been on the stopping line, and then pulled into the left-turn lane to the A 560 towards Bonn. The BMW, which had dropped back, had suddenly accelerated strongly. He deliberately slowed down on the motorway to allow the BMW to overtake. But the driver was constantly driving beside or behind him. "In Spich we drove down from the motorway to an industrial estate, there over various parking lots, seven times around the roundabout - the BMW stayed behind me for almost 20 minutes.“ When the young man stopped at a red light on Landgrafenstraße in Oberlar, his pursuer also stopped. Four men got out of the car, the driver and another man sitting behind the driver then approached the door, which was fortunately locked, the 22-year-old remembers: "The driver then started hitting the side window with full force, again and again, yelling something we didn't understand."

When the shocked 22-year-old pulled his cell phone to dial the emergency number, the four men took flight, not without making a final blow to the side mirror of the car that damaged it.

The suspected main offender was described as a 1.80-meter tall man with a sturdy build, short, light blonde hair and a round face. He was wearing a white sweat jacket and blue jeans, according to the police, who are investigating for damage to property and a crime of aggression in traffic. The police will take any information on the incident at 0 22 41/54 10.

(Original text: Thomas Heinemann)

Chile becomes host for COP25: Bonn won’t host UN climate conference again

Bonn will not host the UN climate conference Cop25 again. Now Chile is to host the summit. Chilean President Sebastián Piñera was pleased with the "great recognition" on Twitter. He went on to write: "We will bear responsibility for resolutely driving forward policy and progress to control climate change and global warming". At the end of November, the Brazilian government withdrew its candidacy for hosting the UN climate conference COP25 next year. The newly elected President Jair Bolsonaro, who will take office in January, had even threatened to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty like the US. The climate conferences change hosts every year.

(Original text: GA Bonn, dpa)

Von Floerke: Private investors worry about their money

. Private investors have paid 1.2 million euros into Floerke's men's fashion company in Bonn via a crowd funding investment platform. Now they are waiting for the agreed interest rate. In November, founder David Schirrmacher promised the investors of the crowd funding platform Kapilendo a payment of the agreed annual interest rate. Schirrmacher's lawyer will not comment on the rates for the Kapilendo payers upon request. He refers to the current investigations of the public prosecutor's office Bonn against the young entrepreneur. According to Schirrmacher himself, he is on a trip abroad. At present the Bonn enterprise is being criticised by its customers, since the supply of Spitiuosen already paid for is missing. Schirrmacher spoke in this connection of delivery problems by the wholesalers.

(Original text: Delphine Sachsenröder)

Astronomy on Tap: Next event on December 18

On Tuesday December 18 at 7 pm Dr Michael Zajacek and David Ohse who work at the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy will discuss Stars on Cosmic Highways in English and on „Durchgedrehter Sternenstaub“ in German at the Fiddlers Pub, Frongasse 9, Bonn-Endenich. This event is part of the the worldwide initiative called Astronomy on Tap where professional astronomers explain diverse topics about the Universe in a friendly atmosphere. It’s well worth going and joining your local astronomers for some talks, quizzes and prizes.

(Original text: AOT)

(Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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